Friday, August 28, 2020

Shadow's Seduction by Kresley Cole - Book Review


Shadow's Seduction by Kersley Cole
Publication date: February 28, 2017
My rating: 2.5 stars

Spoilers are marked in purple

The way I see it, the reason this book flopped is because Kresley Cole didn’t seem to write it in her usual style. By which I mean there didn’t seem to be much thought to the characters background and everything just felt rushed.

The book isn’t as long as her usual books, it’s closer to a novella than a novel so that’s probably why it’s like that, but still it’s a shame because I think there was a lot of potential there with the characters, they just weren’t fleshed out.

I'm sad to rate this book 2 instead of 3 stars because overall it was a nice story and I thought it was very sweet at the end, it's just that it felt like there was something missing here.

I did realize two things as I was reading this book:

1) I'm excited for Kosmina's story!

2) Lothaire really does ONLY care about Elizabeth, doesn't he? What he did in this book made me gasp and realize yet again just what an evil psycho he is.

“Dacians consider Trehan the kingdom’s sword, Viktor its wrath, Stelian its sentinel, and Lothaire its cunning. Our people see Mina and me as the beating heart of Dacia.”


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