Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wicked Ugly Bad by Cassandra Gannon (Quick Book Review)

Wicked Ugly Bad by Cassandra Gannon
Publication date: March 12, 2013
My rating: 4 stars

Being part of the Tuesday share circle was like being a part of a screwed-up, criminally-inclined family. Even when they didn’t like you, they were still there to help you blow shit up. 

This was just so wickedly fun.

A prison break. A group of misfits. Magic. Mayhem. Vengeance. All set up in a world of twisted fairy tales where Good is Bad and Bad just may be Better.

I was NOT bored! Not for one second.
It was all read so smoothly, the dialogue hilariously perfect, the characters awesome, and the romance smoldering.

Scarlett leaned into his embrace. “I would die for you, too.” She whispered after a long moment. “I’ll kill you if you even try it.” She snorted. “You really are a poet.” 

Scarlet (out protagonist) was kickass and ingenious (with just the right amount of crazy). Marrok (our love interest) was the most precious thing ever. Witty, Bad, and yet heartbreakingly vulnerable.

“I have no idea why hitting people when their backs are turned has such a bad reputation. I’ve always found it most effective.” Casually dropping the makeshift weapon, he sat back down and resumed drinking his milk. 

And then, of course, we have our secondary characters, who were all just as outstanding.
Avenant, the cold and narcissistic prince who honestly made so much of this book for me (can't wait to read his story in the next one!), and Esmeralda, the snarky witch I can't wait to know more about.

Light-hearted and with the most perfect dialogues I have read in a very long time, with great morals about labels and how every one of us is a combination of good and evil, I highly recommend this as your next read! 

Marrok realized he wasn't just "attached" to her. He was crazy in love with this lunatic.