Sunday, August 16, 2020

Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes - (Short) Book Review


Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes
Publication date: December 13, 2016
My rating: 2 stars


Well to be honest, this book annoyed me.
Especially Cleo, she was a favorite character up until now but all of a sudden she started acting so frustrating. *sigh*. I still love Magnus so much (my fave character, he's the best), though he should stop resorting to drinking his problems away :')

I still pretty much feel indifferent regarding Lucia (the only time I feel something for her is when she goes all high and mighty and then she just makes me dislike her), I've warmed up to Jonas over the last few books, and I totally ship Nic x Ashur.

Excited to read the last book. 

Lindsey Strigling (ft. Kiesza) - What You're Made Of

“Sometimes it doesn't take years to know someone. A handful of conversations can be more than enough to know someone's heart.”


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