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Quests for Glory by Soman Chainani - Book Review

Quests for Glory by Soman Chainani
Publication date: September 19, 2017
My rating: 3 stars

Spoilers are marked in purple

Ohhh, things definitely got excitedly dire, didn't they?

I probably shouldn't be so excited considering the, eh, direness of the situation, but I can't help myself! One of the tropes at the end had me in love with this ending.

I mean isn't the Princess/Queen on the run from the Evil ruler who just took over her castle and now it's up to her to save her friends/love from his clutches and reclaim their kingdom just so EPIC? You go, Agatha, raise a rebellion, SHOW HIM WHO IS QUEEN!

So yeah this was actually what made me rate it higher given that it took me a while to get into Quests of Glory. Not because the writing wasn't great - it was great! - but because this book mostly felt like it was building up for the next two books, much like how the first book in the series, The School for Good and Evil was.

Random things that I liked:

  •  Agatha & Sophie's reunion - so touching!
  • Nicola being super intuitive and clever Heck, I'm pretty sure she was the only one to first suspect something must be wrong with Rhian. Even Agatha, being also clever, took longer to start putting the pieces together.
  • Hort! I love that poor precious boy, my heart always goes out to him with his one sided love for Sophie because Sophie seems intent on not seeing he's the only boy whose love for her is pure and not based on wanting to manipulate her. It's why I couldn't be mad about Hort x Nicola because Hort really does deserve happiness even as much as I ship him and Sophie. And the Hort x Nicola moments were quite adorable, though endgame is definitely Hophie for me.
  • Merlin! I'm so glad Merlin is still there to save those children. Even though he's not as much of an MVP as he was in the previous book, considering most of his work is behind the scenes & I believe he's trying to teach those kids they have to step up and start taking charge instead of always relying on him, but I'm still just happy he's part of the story.

Okay, let's now talk about that Tagatha moment near the end, when Tedros was mad and Agatha was heartbroken. TEDROS WHAT ARE YOU DOING. I mean, yeah, I understand, it *was* your kill, Rhian definitely shouldn't have been allowed to make the final blow BUT don't blame this on Agatha. *sigh*. Those two lovebirds definitely need more character development.

And now, because the author seems convinced on making me do this is almost every book 😢 a moment of silence for: Chaddick (poor Chaddick who just wanted to be the best knight to his king, to make him proud 😭 And he was killed for what, and so cold bloodedly), Millicent (poor girl, we didn't even get to know much about her, yet she died trying to save her friends), and... Lancelot... 😭 Gosh the only thing I could think about at that moment was Guinevere, whose love of her life, the man she was willing to leave anything and everything for, just died.

Well then, time to see if Agatha fulfills the trope by being awesome and raising a rebellion!

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