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August Wrap Up

Welcome-welcome to my August wrap-up! 
I'm so excited to get into all the juicy details and discuss this month with you!
Shall we?
Let us begin: 

You won't believe it but I *won another giveaway*.
Yes, I know!
I was just recovering - somewhat - from winning the giveaway of a fairyloot subscription box (which, by the way, was amazing and contained inside it a copy of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff), when all of a sudden I get an email from Mary (Mary Had a Little Book Blog) telling me I won a copy of Illuminae and an ARC of Gemina.

Needless to say, I freaked out. Big time.
I mean, an ARC of Gemina and a physical copy of Illuminae? (I had the misfortune of reading Illuminae as a digital copy. Do not try this at home) You might as well have told me I won the lottery because that's exactly how it felt like.
*happy sigh* 

By the angel, you guys, have you seen this snippet from Lord of Shadows (by Cassandra Clare)?
Has anyone else's heart just exploded?

And now for the books I read, sort of read, and am reading this month: 

Books I read:

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
                                                       My rating: 4 stars

Nevernight did not disappoint.
I can't say it's one of my favorite books ever (like Illuminae is), but Nevernight was: unique, fantastic, intense, awesome, and overall amazing.
It was hard to get into (as you probably heard and will hear from many others), but it was worth it. So worth it. 

For some better explanation and my thoughts about Nevernight, you can check out my review.
For those of you who haven't read the book, the first part of the review is spoiler free. For those of you who read the book, the second - and longer - part of the review is full of my theories, thoughts and overall ravings.
I'd love to discuss it all with you! 

Books I read but DNF:

   Angelfall by Susan Ee  The Unbecoming of       And I Darken        Alice In Zombieland
          Got to: 49%                  Mara Dyer          by Kiersten White     by Gena Showalter
                                     by Michelle Hodking         Got to: 16%               Got to: 24%
                                             Got to: 85% 

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer:

Let me start by saying that I freaking love Noah Shaw (*swoon*). Seriously, I love him so much that I hated the thought of stopping to read the book. But... I really couldn't get into the story and Mara (our protagonist). I just couldn't. Don't know why, it just didn't work out for me. And I don't think it has anything to do with the plot at all. I think it solely has to do with Mara. I just could not connect to her. At all. Not a bit. And considering the story is told from her POV... just imagine reading a book from the POV of a character you can't connect to \ care for. 

It's not that I hated Mara - I really didn't. It's worse than that. I didn't feel... anything from Mara. And not feeling anything towards a character - a main character, nonetheless - it worse than hating them.
I rather have negative feelings towards a character than not at all. Because at least that means they did something to make me feel that way. 

Will I continue with the book? I don't know.
I might - for Noah Shaw *swooning again*.
Just when I meet a perfect books boyfriend... I can't get into the book. Just my luck. 

Alice in Zombieland: 

I found the story to be rather... unrealistic.
And no, of course I don't mean the zombies aspect of it. I love fantasy. 
The unrealistic part came from the characters and the situations themselves. I can't even point a finger of what exactly made it so. It was just the feeling I got as I was reading the book. 

Will I continue with the book?
I haven't decided yet. But considering I only got to about 24%, I think I want to keep going. At least until 50% and see from there.


Oh, this is a book I want to continue. It's more of 'on-hold' right now, but I want to keep going. Things are quite interesting. 

And I Darken: 

Same here. This book really intrigues me. I'm only 16% in and I'm liking it.

 Currently Reading:  

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

Right now I'm about 20% in and enjoying it!
Alice is a great protagonist.
Can't say much more until later, though ;)

*PS: Have you heard of Tahereh Mafi's next book? An Untitled Persian Fantasy!

One more thing I read this month... a chapter sample (on my kindle, for free) of Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth. 

I wanted to stay strong and say "no thank you" to this Veronica Roth new book. I've been traumatized enough by this author. I will not go through this again.
And yet...
I found myself compelled into reading a chapter sample of this book.
And, infuriatingly enough, getting hooked! 
Can you believe this?
So much for staying strong. 

Let me be clear: I do now trust Veronica Roth, "but I will read this book," she gradually admitted.

First thing first, thank you so much everyone for your comments on my blog!
I couldn't be happier every time I got a notification and read your comment.
It makes my day, you know that, right? 

It's amazing how just one comment can cheer a person up and change their whole day for the better. 
It's why I do my best to comment as much as I can.
If it makes me happy, I know it'll make others happy too.

Well then.
This month I wrote 7 posts. Which, considering my blogging slump and all, I think I did okay-ish.
I wanted to make a post about a blogging slump but I wasn't able to finish it because of my blogging slump. The irony. 

So what posts did we have on Magiverse this month? Here they are (from the the beginning of the month to the end of the month): 

There are going to be big spoilers for the shows I'm going to talk about, so If you're not up to date with said shows... be warned. 
I'll make sure you'll know what show I'm talking about, so don't you worry. 

So, what shows did I watch this month? (:


I finally catched up to the final few episode of Reign season 3.
And oh my god, Reign season 3 finale was just...
I'm so upset about it. I'm torn between sadness and anger. 
Actually, I'm pretty sure it's both. 

Lola's death was just... so unexpected that even when she was accused and about to be executed, I still thought that somehow they wouldn't go through with it. Whether it would be because of Elizabeth, becaue of Stephan, or just some random intervention, I never for a second thought it would actually happen. 
And so when it did, I actually felt my heart making a sharp jump in my chest, and then beating faster and faster.
I didn't cry as I did when Francis died, because Lola's death was just so quick, I honestly did not have the time to register it at all. 

And Leith... I'm telling them right now: don't you dare kill him. 
I still believe he might be alive. He might make it, someone will save him. We still saw him struggling at the end. I don't think he's dead. He better not be dead. 
And Just when he and Claud are happy and starting to turn into one of my favorite couples on the show... not to mention, I loved leigth way before he even met Claude, back when he was with Greer. 

Now Mary truly has no friends.
If you don't count Bash (who is leaving), Gideon (who is going back to England) and Catherine (who is in France).
She's truly all alone. 

I have no idea what the fourth season will bring forth, but I'm sticking with this show for better or worse. 

Ture, this show is very unpredictable in terms of who lives and who dies, but so does Game of Thrones (even more so than Reign, I would say), and I still love them both. 
I thought I wouldn't like the show anymore after Francis's death, but it surprisingly still managed to grip me and stir new hopes and feelings in me.
Right now I'm really-really rooting for Gideon & Mary. Although I wouldn't mind it if it would turn out to be Mary & Bash, even though he wouldn't be present much or at all in season 4. 
Still, there is the possibility he'll be back on the show eventually. 

That being said, I'm very much looking forward to season 4 (rumored to be aired sometime in 2017). 

Dark Matter

I love-love-love-love-love-love-love this show.
The second season is currently airing - and it's *perfect*.
I already want a season 3 confirmation, please. 

What the show is about? 
Six people wake up on a spaceship with no idea whatsoever who they are. After a lot of confusion, they decide to call themselves by numbers (one being the first person to wake up and six being the last person to wake up).
While going on dangerous missions, they're trying to figure out who they are and why they can't remember.
Their best course of action? Stick together until they figure it out. The problem? How do they know who's telling the truth and who's lying? Do all of them can't remember or does someone just pretending? Who has a dangerous past and who is going to get them all killed? 

One of the best shows I ever watched. 


I was finally able to watch Now You See Me 2! 
If you don't know, Now You See Me is the most genuis moive I have *ever* seen.
I can't even tell you anything about it because it's the absolute best when you just watch it without knowing anything.
Trust me, it's Epic.

The second movie was good but definitely not as good as the first.
The first was just... darn, it was awesome. 
Highly recommended if you haven't watched it yet. 

Well hello everyone! 
How are you doing? How is life?
I hope you had a great August. And if you didn't... I hope you'll have a great September.  
How was your reading month in August? Mine was... unpredictable.
And what about life in general? Did you do anything interesting this summer? 

  • I definitely did not read as much as I wanted to. I was all but unable to finish most of the book I picked up.

  • I reached 200 followers on twitter and I honestly cannot thank you guys enough! You're truly amazing and I'm beyond thankful I got to know you all (:

  • A blogging slump has fallen over Magiverse this month. My biggest clue was the insane amount of drafts on my blog. Just like with a reading slump, when you can't bring yourself to finish the book you're reading, I can't seem to bring myself to finish my posts. I have so many ideas, but only some of them somehow manage to get done. I suppose it was bound to come sooner or later. Reading slump was bad enough. Now a blogging slump? Great.

But aside from that - or, actually, because of that - I don't have much to report this month.
Some months are just... blank.
We can't expect exitment every single month, now can we? 
Maybe in September ;)

What about you? Anything interesting\not interesting happened to you this month?
Share away! I'm a good listener. 

I'm still working on the stories I mentioned in my July Wrap Up
Not much to report on that front.
Only that I want to share those stories with you very soon... 
Hopefully next month. We'll see how brave I feel (: 

What about your writing process? Writing anything? Did you have the courage to share anything? 

Let me know all about your August!
Did you have fun? Read something great? Watched something amazing? Or maybe wrote some epic adventures?
And, also, I'm curious to know what you think of my August (:
There is, of course, so much left to share, but you can't capture an entire month without boring everyone to death.
My wrap-ups are long enough already.
If you are reading this and somehow read this far, allow me to congratulate and thank you!
Either you're very patient, or I'm very good.
Either way, let's have a great September, everyone!
Until then... (: 

"We're all stories at the end. Just make it a good one, eh?" 
-- Doctor Who

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Pokemon Go Book Tag

Yeah, I know...
I'm kind of late to the party of the Pokemon Go shenanigans. 
Then again, I was always a firm believer in the saying 'better late than never', and so here I am with the Pokemon Go Book Tag! 

This tag was created by... Aentee from Read At Midnight

I never got to play the game, by the way.
So sad. Long story short: my phone did not allow me to download the game. I tried, but it fought back.
The phone won at the end, I'm afraid. 
True story. 

Now that we got that out of the way, to the tag it is! 

I've been reading books for as long as I can remember, but from just reading to being a book reader, I owe everything to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. 

That book started my love for reading and for fantasy.
From the very first page, it was the most amazing adventure I ever had.
Percy Jackson was the first book to leave its mark on me. 

Ah... well...
I'm actually not really a fan of classics (sorry, fans of classics!).
I know a lot of readers also love the classics, but me and classics were just never meant to be. 

I don't want to leave it blank, though, which is why I'm going to go with: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis. Haven't read the books (shame on me, I know), but I watched the movies, and the story of Narnia (past and future both) is one I know I'll always love (and always want more of). 

You'd be surprised how quickly you can lose interest in a book just because everyone talks all about it.
It's intimidating. Weirdly enough, because everyone in the universe seem to love it.

You feel like everyone have been brainwashed to love it. After all, how is it possible every human being you meet, loves this book? 
You end up deciding to read this book later. 
As you keep hearing all about this book and keep seeing it everywhere, that later somehow becomes "probably never." 

And that's the story of what happened to me with Sarah J. Mass books.
I'm way too intimidated about her book, you guys. Way too intimidated. 

There are so many books I can add to this list, like: My Lady Jane but Sarah J. Mass's books are the most intimidating of them all.

Nothing comes to mind.
I know-I know, it's not that I never read books that are very similar in concept to other books. It would be impossible not to. It's just that... I'm not good at comparing books to one another. And when I say 'not good', I mean that my mind never really compare books to each other as I read them.
Which is why I can't seem to think of anything right now. Especially not a book that I love despite it being similar to other books. I never love a book despite. I love a book because.  

I'm not really the type to be intimidated by the size of books.
If I really want to read a book, I will read it no matter how long it is. 
The only thing that would intimidate me it too many descriptions\slow-paced, and then I would be like: "1000 pages long with lots of descriptions? No thank you." 

And... well, there aren't that many HUGE books.
Most of the books I read are somewhere between the range of 200-400.
The longest book I read? I think it was 700-something pages long. 

But then there are books like Game of Thrones. The seize of this book is truly frightening.

Reading books at night Isn't good for me if I actually want to sleep.
It's like a shot of adrenaline right to the brain. No way am I sleeping after that. 
So when I was still in high-school, I had to stop reading at certain hour so I'll actually be able to sleep and not walk around zombie-like all day at school.
I was pretty good at stopping myself (despite how much I wanted to keep reading), but then there was that one time... I just could not stop myself.
And it was with a book I bought on a whim and didn't expect anything out of - Rush by Eve Silver.
I'm not kidding when I'm saying I read it in a rush.
It was beyond addicting.
And the writing style, and characters, and plot...
Just read it. You'll thank me. 

It would be an impossible task for a shipper to pick just one bookish OTP, for goodness sake. 
Then again, it would also be impossible to name all of a shipper's bookish OTPs. Hmm.  
I'm going to find a middle ground here my naming a most recent addition to my bookish OTPs.
Mia & Trick from Nevernight.
Those two are just... *half-happy, half-frustrated sigh*

Most definitely the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. 
This series is basically the definition of Fire-hot, Fast-paced read.

Also, Riders by Veronica Rossi.
There is a burning horse on the cover for a good reason.
This book is both fast-paced and fire-hot like you wouldn't believe.

Say what you will, but I honestly don't think I will never-ever-never tire of seeing spin-offs in the Shadowhunters world (by Cassandra Clare). 
Nope, definitely not.
And that's exactly what we're getting - more spin-offs!
I couldn't be happier about it.

Hmm... I think I'm going to go with The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer on this one. 
When I first read Cinder, I never expected this series to turn out to be as epic, kickass and awesome as it did.

Cinder was just the beginning. Each book after it turned all the tables and brought the series to a whole new level. 

Nope, I'm pretty sure most over-hyped series more intimidate me than excite me. 
I can't seem to think of one I'm more excited than scared to read *laughing awkwardly*.
So I'm going to go with an over-hyped anticipated release that no matter how high the hype is getting, I'm still ridiculously excited about it.
Caraval by Stephanie Garber.
The hype around this book is insane, and only fuels my need to read it! 

I'm really not the type to collect book editions.
As long as I have the book in my hands and the words in my head, it's all I need.
I never felt the need to collect multiple editions of a book, or a collector's edition.
words, words, words... that's really all I need.
Of course, if I had the money, maybe I would have indulged myself in such an expensive hobby. If I'm ever going to collect something, it's going to be books.
Not that I don't collect enough already without buying multiple copies so... 

You wouldn't believe how many amazing sounding debut novels are about to come out in 2016 & 2017.
It's going to be insane. The good kind of insane.

The reader by Traci Chee, Timekeeper by Tara Sim, Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh and Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller are just a few of them.
There are so many more, you guys. 

For more anticipated new releases, you can check my goodreads TBR

I would buy anything - and I do mean anything - Cassandra Clare ever writes. 
She's on the very top of my 'buy first, ask questions later' authors list.

The most recent addition to the list is Jay Kristoff.
Yep, I would buy anything this guy writes. Ever.
After Illuminae and Nevernight... I do not need more convincing. Jay Kristoff has my trust.
A dangerous thing, I'm sure, to place trust in someone like Jay Kristoff.  

It feels like I've been waiting on Gemina (by Jay Kritoff and Amie Kaufman) for eternity now.
And you won't believe this but I was lucky enough to win a giveaway of an ARC of Gemina (from this blog) that is supposed to arrive soon.
And I'm just... *all the feels*. And that's before reading the book. 
This is going to be epic. I can feel it.
And probably destroy me. I can feel it too.

And... that's it for the Pokemon Go Book Tag!
I feel like everyone has done this tag already so I won't be tagging anyone in particular.
If you're, like me, late on this tag, consider yourself tagged and motivated by me to do it.
This was a particularly fun tag to do (and I know - I did so many tags in my 6 months of blogging).
About Pokemon: I actually started watching the anime. Very enjoyable so far. Can't believe I haven't watched it sooner.
Well then, I'll see you in my next post (:
Until then...

My team - an actor, a drunk, and a sociopath - didn't exactly inspire confidence. 
-- Riders, Veronica Rossi

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff - Book Review

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
                                          Publication Date: August 11, 2016
My rating: 4 stars

*Looking up from the pages of the notebook, I rub my bloodshot and blurry eyes*
O, hello there, gentelfriends. I almost did not see you there.
*Picking up the pages lying all around, I'm trying to make, somehow, order in the chaos*
Forgive me about the mess. It has been a very long time now since I last reviewed a book. Especially a book as... other as Nevernight.
*Clearing my throat*
I think I got this now. Or almost got it. Whatever the case, I am ready to begin.

But before we start, a fair warning to you lot: for those of you who have yet to be immersed into Nevernight's dark pages, I shall recommend not to proceed beyond the 'full review (with spoilers)' sign.
Apart from that, do not fear to read ahead.
After all...

Never flinch.
Never fear. 

And never... ever forget. 

Let me start by saying Nevernight is not your conventional kind of story.
And I expected nothing less from Jay Kristoff.

Which is why it took me about 100 pages to really get into Nevernight.
Because trust me, as much as I am going to sing serenades about this book in the future, In the beginning... I was weirded the hell out and beyond confused. 

Not surprising, considering Jay Kristoff created here a whole new world.
And by a whole new world I don't mean a fantasy world resembling the 18 or 19 century with some kind of fantasy twist. No, I mean a different world entirely. The kind of world that has three suns. The kind of world that only has night every two years. The kind of world with its own tradition, its own gods, its own races and even its own language. 

Just imagine being thrown one day into a different planet.
That's what the first 100 pages of Nevernight felt like. 

Not to fear, though, because we humans also have very high adaptation capabilities, and soon enough I found myself reading Nevernight smoothly.
Either it was because the writing style got better or because I simply got the hang of it (probably both), what matters is that I started to really-truly enjoy it. 

Which is why I urge you to give this book until 100 pages in before deciding to leave it.
Because I know how tempting it is to stop reading Nevernight at the beginning. I only managed because I trust Jay Kristoff and I was obsessed with this book for so long now that I refused to jut give up.
Best. Decision. Ever. 

How would I categorize Nevernight?
There have been many debates on the matter.
I won't lie, this book has some very explicit scenes of violence, sex and language.
Which means, if you know for a fact you are uncomfortable with such explicit scenes, Nevernight is not for you. 

If you want to read this book because you heard so much about Jay Kristoff and want to see what all the fuss is about, yet are uncomfortable with the themes of Nevernight, Illuminae was created just for you. A non-debates YA story of sci-fi twists, Illuminae would be just as Epic - if not more - as Nevernight. 

If you are, however, comfertable with such explicit scenes, or... well, are watching\reading games of thrones, no matter what age you are, you can read Nevernight with ease.
Seriously, though, Game of Thrones is even more explicit and brutal than Nevernight is. So if you watch the show... consider yourselves able to deal with the darkness of Nevernight. 

But despite all the darkness and the adult themes of this book, never forget Mia is a 16 year old girl. Obviously not your conventional one, but still one nonetheless.

Mia (our fearless protagonist), is a YA that some very adult stuff happen to her.
Even in the world of today, children don't always stay innocent. Bad, dark, heartbreaking, shuddering stuffs happen to them. Not everyone manage to stay away from the darkness before they reach adulthood.
Mia hasn't.
What makes the difference is how that child, that teenager, adapts and deals with it. Do they become good? Evil? Do they break? Become stronger? Do they fight back? Do they give up? Do they accept? Do they take revenge? Is it worth it?
That's the story of Mia. A young girl who instead of letting the darkness beat her, let the darkness in. She let it shape her so she can one day take revenge on the people who killed her family and destroyed her life.
To do that, she must become one of the most fearless assassins in the republic.
But first... she must learn.
Welcome to the Red Church (a.k.a: the school for assassins).  

*Full review (with spoilers)*

prepare yourself for my random thoughts.
Here we go: 

I think the footnotes are pretty cool and unique, but they didn't contribute much to the story for me.
Whenever I read them, I got distracted from the story and it was harder to get back in. Or, at times, they were just too long and all I wanted to do was keep up with the story rather than read them.
So eventually I stopped reading them all together, and I still understood the story perfectly. 

It's true that the footnotes are part of what makes Nevernight unique, but they are by no means the most important part.
The story, the character, the writing style, the world... everything about Nevernight is so incredibly other.
For some, it's going to be the bad kind of other. 
For the rest, it' going to be one hell of an epic, amazing and mind blowing ride of otherness. In the best way possible, of course. 

"… humph …" "Pfft."
"… grrr …"
"Shut up."
"… grow up …" Laughter rang and the shadows smiles.

Oh, how I loved Mister Kindly and Mia's banter.
They are so cute together.
Their bond is both heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time.
Who wouldn't want a shadow cat as a loyal companion?
After this book, I sure as hell want me a Mister Kindly. 

"Maybe we should start with the letter S." 
"S for stubborn. S for stupid. S for smart-arse."

"S for shut up."

"See, that's the spirit."

But none was quite as funny as Mia and Tric's banter.
Those two are the perfect couple.
At times, bantering hilariously. At times, teasing and being all sweet and romantic. And at others, arguing. 

Like I said: Perfect.
I ship them to the the three suns and back. 

"You're his," her mother hissed. "You're his." 
O, Daughters, is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? That Mia is... Scaeva's daughter? That her Darkin abilities come from him?
Of course, her mother could have meant the darkness of Mister Kindly, but she said his and not it. 
Not to mention... we did get the sense her mother and Scaeva had some sort of... past (just before he ordered his men to seize her mother, brother and Mia).
Could it be?
But that begs the question: does Scaeva knows? Does he even suspect? After all, he did order his men to drown Mia. Did he do it because he doesn't care? Or because he doesn't know?
Or perhaps none of this is true and Mia isn't his daughter after all.

Our Miais a cigarillo addicted heroine.
That's a new one. 

I knew someone Major, someone Mia truly cared about, was going to die eventually.
And even after Carlotte\Lotti died (which wasn't much of a shock but was indeed sad. I really started to like that girl), I knew it wasn't over. I was constantly terrified for Tric.
I had a feeling... I had a really bad feeling... he was going to... and then he really did... and now I'm just... 

*taking a shaky breath*

Nevernight's dreadful page 553.
I knew it was coming. I thought I was ready.
I wasn't. 

Despite having this feeling from the very beginning that something was going to happen to Tric... when it actually happened, I went into shock mode.
Finding out Ash's betrayal (and her brother, but who cares about him? I mean, didn't you think it strange when he had absolutely no reaction to Lotti's death, despite them being allegedly very close?) at the very same time when Tric... when Tric... you know what, was just another shock to the system.
We knew some big revelation was going to come, but I still did not see it being Ash. At all.

After years of excessive reading of fantasy, sci-fi and overall madness (in the best of ways, I assure you), I got to this one conclusion about death in books: Don't believe it's true until you see that person actually dying (preferably when you're by his side as it happens) and their body buried or burned to ashes (as you watch it happen), that gets thrown into the wind (again, you need to be there every step of the way for verification).
And even then there is still a possibility they are somehow still alive\will get resurrected.
So no, I do NOT believe Tric is dead.
It may just be my desperation talking but Tric CANNOT be dead. I refuse.

List of proofs of Tric Not Being Dead:

  • We didn't actually see him dying. Granted, he was stabbed in the chest and then thrown from a very (very) high place (which does not bode well with his survival but I don't care!), but we did not actually see the light dies from his eyes like we saw in countless other deaths in this book.
  • He and Mia didn't even have a chance to talk to each other after their outburst. No goodbyes, no hellos, no peace, not anything. They didn't even talk with each other for a long time before he... *didn't die*. I do not believe this is how their story ends.
  • Tric is Mia's first (and possibly only) love. She never opened herself to anyone besides Mister Kindly. Tric was the one person she ever loved in that kind of romantic way. Now, are you going to tell me he just gets killed off like that? Not even in any heroic kind of way? Not even without a goodbye kiss? No. Way.
  • Probably the most important proof of all: There was no body.
    You know what that means, don't you?
    A missing body\an not found body is a dead giveaway that said person could still be alive.
    After all, there is absolutely no finality in saying: that person is dead but his body was never recovered. How can you ever believe he's truly dead, then? You'll always wonder. 

List of possible ways Tric could have survived:

  • Remember, this is a magical world. Key word here: Magic. As long as there is Magic... anything can happen.
  • It's highly possible Marielle is not the only weaver alive. Actually, it would make less sense if she is. Maybe... maybe some other weaver found Tric and healed him.

  • We already saw one ghost in this story. If Tric really is dead - which he isn't - can't he just... return as a ghost somehow? He does have unfinished business, after all.
  • We are talking about Tric here. The guy is one of the best assassins in their class. It's not too far fetched, with his skills, that he could have somehow survived this.

Jay Kristoff, I'm telling you right now: you better bring him back.
I don't care what Magic you'll have to concoct for it.
Consider this a threat by the power vested in me by our lady of Blessed Murder.
Tric has to be alive.
He has to.

*Side note: wow, first denial, then bargaining and now anger. I'm quickly moving through the stages of grief*

Bastard to the rescue!
O, Goddess, that was such a sweet moment.
We just witnessed Tric's "murder", everyone has been kidnapped and Mia was knocked away. And then... among all the darkness and murder and mayhem, that horse we hated so much and never thought we would see again was somehow able to bring back hope. 

And darn it, now Cassius is dead too!
I was way more upset about it than I thought.
I think I really started to love this guy. He was badass, he was invincible, he also had a soft side like Mia and now he's... gone.
Eclipse's rection to his death was... heartbreaking.  

Speaking of badass...
Can we just marvel for a moment at how freaking amazing Mia is?
That scene when the church was attacked and Mia went on a killing spree... just wow. And later, when she went on a rescue mission to save her Shaiids... "you go, girl!"
But it's not just her skills that make her amazing. It's not just the fact that she's one of the best assassins in the world. No, it's because she doesn't lost sight of what truly matters.
She doesn't lose herself, no matter what.
And that's her true strength.
Because in a world of blood, murder, assassins, darkness and evil... Mia Corvere has every reason to become as ruthless, as brutal and as murderous as they come.
She could have killed that innocent boy and taken her place as a blade. To avenge and familia.
But she didn't.
Because Mia doesn't follow blindly.
She doesn't become what others want her to be.
She isn't Glass and she isn't Iron.
She is steel.
She is something else.
And she can't be bound to others will.  

Seeing Mia from the eyes of an outsider... darn, that girl is terrifying. 

I was really glad when Eclipse joined Mia.
Mister Kindly's jealousy is so funny, but the three of them can really make one hell of a team.
I can't wait to see this new dynamics between them in the next book.
Which also, by the way, I can't wait to see how it will be called\when it comes out\its cover and... when can I read it already?

Is Mia's brother... alive?
He would be... what, six now?
Where is he? With Scaeva, perhaps?
Why has he been saved?
What is going on?

And now for probably one of the biggest questions of all:
Who do you suppose is the narrator of the story is?
Is it too much to hope it's Tric?
Because that would mean he's still alive. 

That page at the beginning gives me the feeling it's either Tric or Mister Kindly. Or... maybe - crazy idea coming - Mia's brother?
It's too soon to tell.
Jay Kristoff did, however, say we already met that person. And the narrator of the story obviously love\loved Mia.
We only know of two people who love her that much: Tric and Mister Kindly.
I have a feeling the narrator is Mister Kindly but I desperately want to be wrong about it, and to find out it's Tric.
O, Daughters, please. 

And now... before we wrap this book review up, here are my favorite\memorable quotes from Nevernight (because you know how I love quotes): 

"You'll be a rumor. A whisper. The thought that wakes the bastards of this world sweating in the Nevernight. That last thing you will ever be in this world, girl, is someone's hero."
Mercurio handed back the blade.
"But you will be a girl heroes fear."

"If I were going to name my blade," Mia said thoughtfully, "I'd call it 'Fluffy'." 

Tric snorted with laughter. "Fluffy?"
" 'Byss, yes," the girl nodded. "Think of the terror you'd install. Being bested by a foe wielding a sword called Souldrinker… that you could live with. Imagine the shame of 
having the piss smacked out of you by a blade called Fluffy."
"You're a little frightening sometimes, Pale Daughter."
She gave him a wry smile. "Only a little?"
"Well, most times, you're just plain terrifying."

"That bastard Solis," Tric hissed. "I wanted to gut him for what he did. Gave it a roll, but he knocked me flat on my arse and kicked me senseless."
Mia looked over the new bruises on Tric's face, shook her head. "My brave centurion. Riding in on high charger to save his poor damsel? Hold me, brave sir, I fear I shall swoon."
"Sod off," Tric scowled. "He hurt you."
"The Revered Mother said he does it all the time. Sets the tone in his classes on the first smart-arse stupid enough to raise her head." "Enters Mia Corvere, stage left," Tric grinned.

Own nothing, Mercurio had said. Know nothing. Be nothing.  
Mia breathed deep. Swallowed hard.Because then you can do anything.

When all is blood, blood is all. 

Cassius and the Ministry had no clue. No idea at all what she was made of. But he knew. 
Iron or glass? They'd asked?
Mia clenched her jaw. Shook her head.
She was neither.
She was steel. 

"… though I have no face, believe me when I say I am scowling the pants off you right
now …"
Mia rolled her eyes. "Yes father." "… of course, a state of pantlessness seems to be your goal, so perhaps I should stop …" "Yes, Fatherrrr." 
"… Do not take that tone of voice with me, young lady …"

"The books we love, they love us back. And just as we mark our places in the pages, those pages leave their mark on us."

A few thought her some thing from the abyss, some demonic servant of Niah set in their trail. Others mistook her for a horror from the Whisperwastes, a monstrosity spat into being by twisted Magiks. But as she wove and swayed among them, blades whistling, breath hissing, the swiftest among them realized she wasn't a deamon. No horror. But a girl. Just a girl. And that thought terrified them more than any deamon or horror they could name.

"If you should see if in your wanders by the Hearth, tell Tric hello from me."
Swordbreaker's eyes widened.
The girls' voice was soft as shadows.
"Tell him I miss him."

*Side note*:
Can you hear that? This is the sound of my heart breaking.
I thought the worst was over but that lined killed me inside.
"Tell him I miss him."
*sobbing for all eternity*. 

I loved this book. 
I loved Nevernight.
And despite taking a while to get into it... I never, not once, could have been called bored or indifferent as I was reading it.
It was Epic.
It was amazing.
It was badass and dark and funny and, yes, even at times sweet, and unique and differentAnd I loved it to pieces.
So yes... all that's really left to say is:
when is the next book?

*Side note: The Two Steps From Hell music should be this book's soundtrack*

"You're wrong. No one dies alone. When someone dies, the part of them that lives inside someone else also dies."  
-- SAO 

"Revenge is the act of passion. Vengeance is the act of justice."