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When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare - (DNF) Book Review

Publication date: August 25, 2015
My rating: DNF at 58% (2 stars)

There's nothing wrong with this book, it's just that Tessa Dare is probably not the author for me.

I've tried a few books by her thus far, and though I do like some things about them - as I liked some things in this book - overall they feel kind of "meh" to me. They don't excite me and I eventually get bored.

I do want to point out a few things that I liked though:

Maddie had long ago accepted the truth. The same occasions that brought joy and merriment to others were torture for her. And no one would ever understand.

  • Our heroine + Social Anxiety rep. 
    Usually, when we think about Social Anxiety representation it’s almost always in a contemporary type of setting. It’s definitely rare for it to be in historical or fantasy settings. Which is why I really liked Maddie’s personality in general, she was a wonderful heroine, and adding the social anxiety to it just made me relate to her even more. Whenever she mentioned something about her Social Anxiety I was “I know the feeling, Maddie :(“.
  •  The concept.
     I mean can you imagine inventing a fake lover, only for said person to   suddenly show up at your doorstep one day demanding to now be your   “real” lover?
  • Finally a realistic portrayal of how it would feel like for an inexperienced socially anxious person to suddenly have to kiss and be intimate with someone for the first time.
    So many times in books we see it just happen naturally for the characters – even characters doing all of this for the first time – and it definitely makes us anxiety people raise eyebrows thinking this is definitely not how it’s going to go for us, we’ll definitely find a way to make it awkward/anxiety inducing.
    So I was happy that the whole thing was actually addressed here in this book, with Maddie having absolutely no idea what she’s doing, being anxious and awkward about it, not knowing what to do with her mouth during the kiss, I loved it!

What I didn't like:

He blackmailed you into marriage. And then kissed me by the loch. His behavior to you was detestable. But his loyalty to his men is admirable. He threatened to carry you like a sack of oats. And swept me off my feet instead. Maddie, you are impossible. She sighed and muttered, “No argument there.”

I don’t know what it was about Logan, but the man bugged me. I just… I don’t know… his personality got on my nerves for some reason. I mean he wasn’t a terrible person or anything, he just… gah… I really don’t know what it is about him but he definitely took away from my enjoyment of the book often because every time he would say something that annoyed me I would get angry/frustrated. And it annoyed me that Maddie didn’t stand up to him enough. I mean she obviously didn’t just sit there and let him take control but she also didn’t put him in his place often enough to my liking.

Acapella - Karmin

“I’m timid in groups, that’s all. I always have been. And I hate that it sometimes makes people feel I’m not interested, but I don’t know what else I can do.”

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