Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Musical Book Tag

I have like... 10 tags on my TDT (a.k.a to do tags).
I was considering doing another poll to ask you guys what tag should I do next, and that's when I saw The Musical Book Tag and I was all like: "This is it! This is the tag I need to do next!" 

Because this tag is so cool and fun and was created by the lovely Lydia from Something Like Lydia.

This tag is based on some famous musicals, which... I never watched, but still! 

Without delay (because I'm so excited to start!), let's do this tag, shall we? (: 

*Wicked: favorite fictional friendship*

When I think about it, it's sad to see there aren't that many strong fictional friendships.
I may be a hardcore shipper but I love strong family\friendship bonds just as much.
I honestly wouldn't mind reading a book with no romance whatsoever in it, as long has it has a strong friendship bond. 

There are quite a few beautiful friendships I can think about, like: Pack and Meghan (The Iron Fey series), Nora and Scott (the Hush Hush series), Jem and Will (The Infernal Devices trilogy) and a few more...

But the only friendship I can recall that actually made me swoon (yep) over, is the one of Kenji and Juliette (the Shatter Me trilogy).
The best thing Adam ever did was bringing those two together. Their bond is beyond words. 

                                         *Sweeney Todd: favourite villain*

Favorite as in, evil to the point you nominate him\her to the best villain of the year? Or favorite as in, even though he\she is a\the villain, you can't help but like\love them? 

Because if it's the first option, then it's definitely Valentine and Sebastian morgerstern (Sebastian topping Valentine in this one).
All of Cassandra villains are just so... real. They actually have motives that don't include: "I'm evil for the sake of evil", "I've been wronged in my past" or the ever so classic: "I want to rule the world! *evil lagunter* ".
There is nothing wrong with those types of villains - not at all! - but it's also refreshing to see a unique villain from time to time. Like in Cassandra's books, the villains actually believe they are good, that they're doing the right thing.
Creepy, isn't it? It only make them more villainous in my eyes. 

And if it's the second option, then it's definitely the Darkling from The Grisha trilogy.
You know what I'm talking about, don't you #TeamDarkling fans? ;)  

*The Phantom of the Opera: Favorite love triangle*

There was only ever one love triangle that didn't make me a) frustrated, b) with the urge to bang my head in the wall or c) wanting to kill the main protagonist or one of the love interests.

Sorry for the violence, guys, it's just that I can't deal with love triangles. They are the second most horrible thing in a book (the first being insta-love). 
But anyway, I was going to tell you about the ONE love triangle that broke my heart, crushed my soul and made it impossible to even dislike anyone in it. Because you loved them all so much.
And that love triangle is: Jem-Tessa-Will from The Infernal Devices.
Just thinking about those characters makes me want to cry. 

*The Lion King: Favourite sidekick*

Does it have to be just one?

Okay, so I'm going with Pack (from The Iron Fey) + Grimalkin (also from The Iron fey) and Nico (from Percy Jackson).
They are all so different from one another and I love them all so much. I would love to see them get their own books. They deserve it. 

Many times in books, I find the side characters to be the main character best friends, and they are either annoying, clueless or just... there. I love it so much more when our sidekicks are much more complex and can stand on their own.
You know a good side character when you find yourself thinking: "I wonder what they think of it. I wonder what goes through their heads right now. I would love to see this part of the story through their eyes. I want to know more about them! Please, give me more!"

*Grease: least favourite ending*

Another tricky one.
"Least favourite" as in, it was disappointing \ rushed ?
Or "least favourite" as in, sobbing non-stop, throwing away the book and threatening to kill the author? (Not seriously, of course, it's just the feels talking if you know what I mean. After all, a better way would be to keep them alive and torture them for what they did *evil laughter*). 

Because if it's option one, then My most recent disappointing \ extremely rushed and confusing ending, was The Rose & The Dagger.
I haven't found a single person who agrees with me on this one, but the ending was just... whoosh.
Not to mention, there was that very weird part at the end when the characters acted so uncharacteristically and it was so weird. I was like: "What just happened?"
It brought this book from 4 stars to 3 stars. Which is a shame because I really liked this doulogy (especially the first book). 

But if we're talking about option two, then the most recent one is The Last Star. Just... no. I can't even. Seriously, I just can't.
It hurts the most when it happens with the books you love most. 

Matilda (The Musical): Favourite adaptation of a book

Least favorite is easier, isn't it book readers?
There are more bad adaptations than good ones. The reason being: Nothing is ever better than the book I love so much. 

But sometimes, in rare cases, the movie manages to get to a level where you think: Wow, this is impressive.
Like the Harry Potter and Hunger Games movies. But I feel like they're the obvious choices, so I'm going to go with:
The Vampire Diaries.
The show is so successful that some of you might not know it's actually based on a book series by the same name.
I read the first two books in the series and let me tell you... I never thought the day would come when I'll say that an adaptation is way-way better than the books.

A least obvious choice - and one that some of you might not agree with me - is The Vampire Academy movie.
I know the movie wasn't successful and that a lot of people didn't like it.
I, on the other hand, a huge fan of the books, loved the movie.
Yep, you heard that right.
True, some things were a little weird and not according to the books. But overall, the movie was so funny, the characters were great (especially Rose character, which was so awesome and I couldn't wish for a better one to portray Rose) and I already re-watched it about 3 times.
It was sad to see a lot of people didn't like it and that there wasn't going to be a second movie.

*Les Miserables: Favourite death in a book*

I wish we had more villain deaths than heroes deaths in books these days.
Seriously, because it seems like the authors are more inclined to kill our protagonist than to kill the one who's trying to kill our protagonist.
#authorslogic go figure. 

*spoilers for Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and The Lunar Chronicles*

But anyway... *racking my brain through all villains deaths*
Well, Lord Voldemort death was pretty satisfying, wasn't it? You couldn't help but sigh in relief and think "finally, it's over. He has no more souls to crawl to."
Also, the end of The Hunger Games with Katniss switching her target was pretty epic. 
One more, is the death of Levana from The Lunar Chronicles. It was just SO satsfying. Finally! Finally she was dead! 

*End of spoilers*

And also, the death of that terrorist in The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I wanted to kill her myself (and I'm not a violent person).

Who do I tag? 
  1. Esther from Chapter Adventures (You love musicals, don't you? ;) ) 
  2. Erica from Books and Stars and the Pages in Between
  3. Aimal from Book shelves and Paper Packs (So sorry if I pronounced it wrong. I'm so hopeless and figuring out that wavy kind of writing in your logo).
  4. Lauren from Wonderless Reviews 
  5. Lola from Hit or Miss Books
  6. Clara from La Sourire - A Dreamer's Tale
  7. Cait from Paper Fury
+ Everyone who wants to do this tag - or doesn't want to do this tag (that's okay, too) - You're welcome to do it!

And that's it for The Musical Book Tag!
I had great fan with this tag.
Definitely one of my favorite tags by far!
It made me want to watch more musicals.
What do you think?
I always love hearing your thoughts, as you know (:
For me, every comment is like a magic spell for happiness.
Until then...

"But which of those two kings was the true villain of the story? For a story was only as good as its villain."  
-- The Rose & The Dagger 


  1. Ohhh thank you for the tag, Zoey!! Omg I agree with you about love triangles. GARGH. Usually it's annoying because one of the people won't be very well developed so it's obvious who the girl will pick! So annoying! But I agree, too, that at least Cassandra Clare writes a good triangle. ;)
    And omg I'm sad about The Rose and the Dagger!! I still have to read it, but I've been putting it off because nerrrrves. hehe.

    1. Hey, Cait!
      Exactly. Ever since the Jem-Tessa-Will triangle I've never seen any love triangle quite like it. I'm pretty sure it's one of the most originals and uniqe. I wonder if, one day, there will be another one.

      Ah well, don't let my opinion about The Rose & The Dagger stop you from reading the book. Like I said, most people actually really loved this book. And even if you did end up thinking like me, we can always rant about it together ;D

      Thanks, Cait! I hope you'll have fun with this tag (:
      SYL ;)

  2. Thank you for this tag Zoey! I adore the love triangle of Jem-Tessa-Will too! Haha. And awww Puck <3 He's one of my favorite sidekicks!

    1. My plessure! I hope you'll have fun if you decide doing this tag :D
      Oh puck, he's so awesome and sweet and hilarious and just... I love him so much.
      Thank you, Clara <3 (:

  3. Ahh, thank you so much for the tag! I too have a never-ending list of TDT, but this one is definitely one I want to do soon!
    I totally know what you mean about the Darkling being the best villain. I still can't get over the ending, because of what happened to him! #TeamDarklingForever

    1. You too? It's insane how many tags I have in my TDT right now '^^
      I always end up pushing the new ones to the start of the list while the old ones keep getting older.

      A fellow #TeamDarklingForever reader, are you? ;)
      I was just so upset about how it turned out with the Darkling. I actually never got to reading books 2 and 3 of the trilogy after hearing about it. Even though I loved the first book.
      I still need to get to reading SiX of Crows, though. Have you read it yet?

      Thanks, Erica! I hope you'll have fun with this tag (:

  4. Oh my gosh this seems like so much fun! I may have to add this to my -tags to do- list ;)

    1. It really is so much fun :D
      I had great time doing this tag. I'd love to see your take on it if you decide to do it!
      Thanks for your comment, Christy (:

  5. Ahh, thank you for the tag :) Admittedly, I haven't seen too many musicals but I would really like to try and watch more!! And yay for Nico. I love him!!!

    1. Me too. I think I would actually love musicals (:
      Yay, you also love Nico? You don't find #TeamNico fans often! I love him so much :D
      My plessure, of course. I hope you'll have great time if you decide doing this tag (:

  6. THIS IS MY TAG, thank you for tagging me, it's perfect for me!!
    It's going to be hard for me to think of answers though, I don't know if I have a favorite death!
    I have a request for you... it's like a favour really. I know you love Rick Riordan, but have you read all of the books or know a lot about them? Because I was thinking it would be SUPER helpful if you did a post on how to read his books, in what order and which characters appear in them, like you did with Cassandra Clare's books. Because I know who Nico is, but I don't know much about him because I only read the original Percy Jackson series. I would love to know where to continue without spoiling myself anything! You can obviously ignore this request, it's just an idea I had :P

    1. When I saw this tag, I immediately though: "this is Esther's tag!" ;)

      Yeah... I had a bit of a trouble of thinking up with a favorite death myself. What I did when I got stuck was go through my goodreads shelf. There are so many books and characters you accidently forget about (:

      Why, of course! I would love to make that kind of post. I never expected my Cassandra Clare books post would get such positive reaction. Not to mention, asking me to do another one :')
      It's true, Rick Riordan's books can also be rather confusing for someone who wants to get into them. You can definitely keep an eye for a post like that soon ;)
      Thanks for asking, Esther! You really made my say with this comment :D

  7. I love this tag! I love a good musical, so this is basically perfect. I think I'm going to have to do it myself. Kenji and Juliette are actually the best friendship though—they MADE that book.

    1. Oh yes, this is such a fun tag to do! Especially for someone who loves musicals (:
      AHH! You're the first person ever I saw that thinks the same about Kenji and Juliette!! You're so right - they made the book for me! :D
      Thank you so much for commenting, Ely! (: