Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ten Random Facts About Me

So even though I was late to the Top Ten Tuesday of Ten random facts about myself, I still felt the need to do this post separately from Top Ten Tuesday. 

What better way to get to know someone better than to know some weird\random facts about them?
I thought, you know, it would be a fun (if slightly embarrassing) way for you to know the girl behind the posts. 

So here I go. 

Fact #1: I love watching anime

Yep, I'm a big anime fan.
This is no secret. I actually have another, much less known blog called Light & Dark where I talk all about anime, TV shows and movies (so for some more information, you can check it out in the link).
But I've been so super busy with Magiverse lately that I haven't blogged there since... May, I think. Not to worry though, I'll be back there soon. 

So anyway, anime. Yes, I've been watching anime since I was 12 and never stopped since.
Those of you who, like me, love anime: *high five*. 

Fact #2: I love languages

I have a thing for languages.
English is not, in fact, my native language. But I always loved it and actually prefer it to my native language (how weird is that?).
So I know English + my native language + a little bit of Japanese (though I would love to know much more), and after that... I would absolutely love to know Italian and\or Spanish.

Like I said, I love languages (: 

Fact #3: I bake

If you told me a year ago I would love to bake, I would have been amused.
I honestly didn't know I had it in me. It literally seemed to come out of nowhere.
And ever since then... I love baking.
It's fun, it's relaxing and I love every second of it.
Any suggestions for recipes I should try? 

Fact #4 (Which is a rather dark one): I have anxiety disorder

Which is... this
Sorry for the darker mood of this fact, everyone, but considering this fact is a very much part of my everyday life\struggles, I felt it was important to share.
Whether I like it or not (really-really not), it's a part of who I am. 

Fact #5: I have this weird habit of listening to music while running in my house 

Which causes quite a lot of injuries, to be honest. Though I would like to believe I'm getting better at preventing them, since I've been doing it since I was 13.
Key words: would like to believe. 

You read that right, by the way: I listen to music and run in my house.
Usually, people go for runs outside.
But no, I do it inside.

Fact #6 (which is another dark one): I also have social anxiety disorder 

It should be against some kind of nature law to have more than one mental issue\disorder. 
Honestly, is it not enough to have Panic disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder and all sorts of phobias? No, let's add SAD to the mix.

I was very self conscious to share those things about myself. Getting to terms with yourself of having a mental disorder is easy enough. Telling about it to everyone else? Not so much.
But then I took a big breath and told myself that I need to - that I have to - do this. Because it's important to share this kind of thing.
And because that all of you are such a wonderful bunch of people, that suddenly I am not so afraid to tell you this (:

If you've wondered why I don't have a real - human - profile photo, that is why. I'm hoping to have the courage to upload one someday.  

To describe, in some way, what anxiety and social anxiety disorders feel like, I wrote a short story about it, that I hope turned out alright:

As I'm walking through the crowd, I can feel my body starting to react; my heart is in my throat, my skin is crawling, my mouth is dry, my head is spinning and all I can think about it running, running, running away.
But I can't. I'm frozen to my place, terrified that one wrong move will draw attention.
My eyes are darting from here to there, looking for threats.
There are people all around me; laughing, talking, looking.
Rationally, I know my reaction doesn't make any sense. Rationally, I know there aren't any real threats around. Rationally, I know it's my anxiety acting up. Rationally, I know I need to calm down.
But I also know that rationality and logic are useless against it. They do their best, but they never win.
I put my hands in my pockets. With my shoulders bent and my head low, I walk away.
I don't look back. 

Fact #7: I'm a hardcore shipper

Can't help myself.
When I read a book, watch a movie, a TV shows and yes, even anime, I automatically ship.
You, hardcore shippers out there... you know the feeling, don't you? 

Fact #8: I always buy a pink watch

It's like a tradition of mine.
Whenever my watch breaks, I buy a new - pink - one.
I'm pretty sure it's from the time I was little and loved pink. And since then it sort of became tradition to buy a pink watch.
*shaking my head*
Go figure. 

Fact #9: I avoid tragic books like the plague

Like... the protagonist dies. Or the love interest of the protagonist dies. Or maybe just a horrible non-ending (and I don't mean an open ending).
Nope, I just can't deal with tragic endings.
Speaking from experience, they tear me to pieces.

When I read a book, I connect to it emotionally. There is no going back from that moment. When the main character dies at the end... no, just no. Death doesn't make the story more interesting or more dramatic or unique. You can just as equally fear for the characters lives without them also dying at the end. 

So yes, I'm the HEA or HE (happy ending) kind of girl.
Tragic books? No thank you. I don't read them. At least, not purposley, because lately... authors are tending to go crazy with ending books in the kind of tragedy I avoid at all costs. It's getting harder to tell which authors are apable of it and which won't dare do it.

Fact #10: I love Biology

I really do. It's something I've been meaning to keep studying after finishing high school.
I always had a knack for biology. I can't explain it. It's just so facinating, so full of possibilities.
I love research and discovering new things.
Biology is one of the toughest subjects I ever came across, but it's also one of my favorites.
Kind of like blogging. It's a lot of hard work, but so worth it. Beyond words, it's worth it.

And now, before we wrap this post up, I have just two very short bonus facts for you:

Fact #11: I love the Winter 

Which doesn't work very well when you live in a place where the summers are brutal and the Winters are hardly present.

Fact #12: I have a tendency to overuse smilies

I honestly need to refrain myself from using them in posts\reviews. It's hard (: 

And there you have it - 12 fact about me.
I hope it was fun (hopefully not too depressing\boring).
While I was very nervous to share this much about myself,
I actually found the words fllowing efortleslly as I wrote this post.
Which is a good sign.
Thank you so much for staying till the end of this longer than expected post! I really appreciate it.
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Until then...

"You can't live your life in fear for the next bad thing, or you won't have a life to live." 


  1. I also prefer English to my native language (Romanian). There's nothing weird about that, though a lot of people will say otherwhise (screw them! :D)

    1. LOL! yes, I think *we* are the weird ones. But, really, who cares? ;)
      Thanks, Lola, you really took me by surprise with your comment and made me laugh out loud (!) :D

  2. I also love anime but to be honest I love manga more!! :P haha and I'm also thinking of doing biology after highschool too! Its my favorite subject after History & English. I also prefer English over my native language (Cantonese) too, considering I live in the US xD & Though I can't really relate to your disorder's, I think a way to get you use to crowds would be like walking outside while listening to your favorite music or just with a good friend. ^^

    1. You know, I never tried to read manga before (!). It always seemed so... cunfusing. I never particulary liked comics and so I thought I wouldn't like manga as well and... well, never tried it out. So it's the opposite for me - I love anime more than I love manga (:

      Wow, really? Hostory & English & Biology were all my majors in high school!

      Yay, welcome to the 'I prefer English over my native language' club. Members so far? Me, you and Lola.

      Aw, thank you! This is actually a really helpful advice. Sometimes, the most uncomplicated of advices are the greatest advices of all (':

  3. ANIME! Yesss. -high fives-
    I love language too! I'm learning Spanish and Japanese. and hope to learn Mandarin and French in the future! I looove languages. It's so pleasing to the ear.

    1. *High five!*
      Oh yes, French is also a language I would love to know (:
      Thanks, Wren :D

  4. I've always wanted to love anime, at least a few series, but I never know where to start. The only one that I've actually seen is Salor Moon and I'm ashamed to admit I never finished it! Do you like Sailor Moon? Which series would you recommend?

    I also love languages and baking! Sadly, I haven't been able to bake much lately because there isn't much sugar, butter or flour in my country. But whenenver we find some, I try a new recipe or a favorite one. If you like cinammon, try this cinnamon braid bread (an Estonian Kringle):

    And girl! High five! I also have SAD (among others). They never come alone, do they? That's something I learned early on when I started researching disorders to figure out my own. People are prone to have more than one because the mind is so complex and everything is linked together. It's awful, but fascinating, you know?

    It was very brave of you to share these things. I hope you find some peace of mind knowing you are not alone :)

    1. You want to love anime but you never really seriously watched one? No bragging or anything, but you've come to the right place ;)
      *clearing my throat*
      Okay, so... I have quite a few anime suggestions for beginners in the anime world: Swrod Art Online, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Inou Battle Wa Nichijou No Naka De, Yumeiro Patissiere (which is about baking, by the way... ;) ), Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, Cardcaptor Sakura (probably the best anime to start with, really). For some more information about them (and others), you can check out this post ( I wrote about my favorite anime.
      I know Sailor Moon is a very famous anime, but I have to admit: I never watched it.

      Whoho to languages and baking!
      You know, It's actually the main reason I wrote you for the first time. You said you love reading, languages and baking and I was: "wow, that's exactly me. I just have to get to know this girl." (:
      Oh my god, the recipe you sent me looks *so good*! In fact, it looks so good that I'm going to do it today.
      Oh no *sob-sob*... that's so sad to hear. Baking makes me feel... calmer, happier. I'm sad to hear you can't bake because you don't have the ingredients. If I could have given you mine, I definitely would have. No questions asked.

      I think, in a way, it's why I'm so drawn to biology so much. I want to understand it better, I want to understand how SAD and other disorders and sicknesses work and what I can do to help prevent so much
      suffering (:

      I'm so happy you shared this with me, Esther. I would never have guessed we had so much in common otherwise.
      Really, you took me by surprise by saying you also have SAD.
      It's sad that so many people suffer from it, quitely, but it also really does give you peace of mind to know you're not alone it this. That you can always reach out to others like you (:

  5. *high fives you for being an anime fan* Yes! There is nothing like watching a good anime. My love for anime all started with Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon a long time ago ^.^
    I'm right with you for being a HEA person! I don't like sad endings at all, just because I can't take it and it feels like everything has been a waste of time, and I just get so sad. Why do authors do it? I mean, I know why they do it (to get a point across, to make us realize life is precious, etc.) but WHY? Why break our hearts?

    1. AHHH! You're an anime fan too?! :D
      Oh my god, my love for anime also started with Cardcaptor sakura! I was 8 years old when I first watched an anime (Cardcaptor sakura! The nostalgia of it!). But it was only when I was 12 that I *really* got into it.
      Ah yes, sailor moon. Despite it not being my favorite anime, I can so remember myself watching it so very long ago ^_^
      And you're also a "no to heartbreaks and tragic endings" reader!
      That's exactly it - the sentence that I was looking for: "I can't take it and it feels like everything has been a waste of time."
      Really, why do they do that to us? It makes me feel angry - about both the book and the author. It makes me think: "why did I read this series\trilogy?". It makes me so depressed.
      I just don't get why the authors want their loyal readers to feel this way. They know that for us, the readers, a fictional character is not just a fictional character. It's so much more than that. They know because they are readers too. Yet... they still do it to us.

      Okay, I have a very important question for you, Erika: Can I oficially count you as a BIFF? Also known as, best internet friend forever :D

  6. I completely feel you on this. I also feel more comfortable in English than with my native language, Dutch. I always feel like I'm blabbering when I'm speaking Dutch, and not finding my words and such.

    Ah, definitely familiar with the anxiety, panic, social anxiety... it's a good thing that you're a runner, though! That's really good for your anxiety (or so I hear ;)). I've actually ordered a jumprope that should arrive today. Let's do this!

    1. Welcome to the "I prefer English over my native language" club.
      Population: 4 (so far).
      Once we reach 10, we should nominate someone as the president of the
      club ;)
      I always feel like there aren't enough words in my native language to describe certain things. It's frustrating when I try to explain something and has to use my native language.

      Oh yes, sports really does help with anxiety. It releases more seretonine to the brain - which is what anxious people lack in their everyday life.
      Really, let's go for it! You with your jumprope, me with my running... we can totally do this :D