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Ghost Walk by Cassandra Gannon - Book Review

Ghost Walk by Cassandra Gannon
Publication date: June 12, 2016
My rating: 4 stars

“Why I’d never suggest otherwise.  I was merely thinking I could be your glamorous, occasionally sarcastic, sidekick.  Someone to bounce your brilliant ideas off of.”

This book was soooo wonderful.
I’m in love with Jamie. IN. LOVE.
Kyaaaaa! *Japanese fangirl moment over here*

This book really made me realize how much I love all of these tropes and how little I see them in books.

1) Time Travel. And I’m not talking about the sci-fi type of time travel, but the magical one created by magic, when the protagonist can travel through time.

2) Pirates as love interests because… PIRATES AS LOVE INTERESTS. Just pirates in general though, thank you. I wanna see more piracy!

3) Ghosts! And not the freaky horror kind. Especially if it’s a love story between a human and a ghost. Like… seriously, SO COOL.

4) Accents. Jamie as the best accent ever ahhh! I adore him! 

I’ve basically been binge reading Cassandra Gannon’s books. My favorite of hers so far was the A Kinda Fairy Tail series (especially the first book Wicked Ugly Bad! SO GOOD), but now this is also a fave, I just enjoyed it sooo much. 

He waved a hand around, like all she needed to do was whip out a Sherlock Holmes-sized magnifying glass and shout, “Elementary, my dear Watson!”

I loved Jamie! LOVED HIM. I loved Grace and her character development. I loved all the names the Rivera family has – so cool! I loved ghost Jamie, I loved real Jamie, I loved the time travel, the magic system, I just loved it all! And of course, the best part, the romance. Fantastically done.

I would absolutely love for more books in this world. Even though the author hasn’t indicated she has any plan for ones, I would still hope! There is still so much to tell about the Rivera family. I’m definitely very much intrigued by all the cousins Grace had mentioned in this book.

I also loved the author's note at the end. Listening to how Cassandra had come up with this idea, and the history behind it was fascinating.

This author is amazing with her story weaving skills, the romance, and banter in her books. I cannot wait to read more!

I highly recommend you give her other books a try, starting with A Kinda Fairytale and Not Another Vampire Book.
And if you read Ghost Walker and are looking for more fun books about magical time travel and ghosts (although ghosts aren't a main aspect), please also give Ruby Red by Kierstin Gier a try. 

“If a man is courting you, he should be calling upon your residence,” lectured the moral authority who knew the exact location of the town’s former brothel.

*Spoiler Alert* 

My favorite part had to be the ending, when Jamie could FINALLY beat Robert to death, as we all wanted him to do since the beginning. AHHH, his smile when he rose and did it. I was squealing with happiness like it was a love scene or something 😂 

*End of spoiler*

Now where can I find a Jamie? 

“No one will stop you if you seem confident.  They’ll be too afraid of looking a fool if they question you.  Always act as if you know exactly what you’re doing and you can get away with anything.  T’is the secret of life.”

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