Thursday, September 1, 2016

Most anticipated books of September 2016

September is here! 
And with it, many-many anticipated new releases I'm dying to share with you!

I have here 7 books I can't wait to discuss all about with you, so here we go: 

The Secret City by C.J. Daughetry & Carina Rozenfeld
Coming out: September 1, 2016

This is the second book in The Alchemist Chronicles. 
I read the first book (The Secret Fire) last year and very much enjoyed it. 
Which to this day I find strange because there's absolutely nothing whatsoever unique about that book. And yet... I found myself compelled from the very first page to the last. There was something about it that was very easy to get into.  
So I don't question it and I shall continue to the next book. 

For some more of my thoughts about the first book, you can check it out here

The Reader by Traci Chee
Coming out: September 13, 2016

This book got my attention from sheer hype alone.
Of course, the concept sounds very interesting, but it was the hype that really made me excited about picking this book up.
And I can't wait to do just that, because the things I heard about The Reader... I want to read this book and see for myself (!). 

For those of you who have yet to hear about this book (which is doubtful, because everyone in the book community is talking about it), The Reader takes place in a world where books don't exist anymore and people have long forgotten how to read (terrifying, isn't it? Sounds like a horror story).
It follows a various cast of characters, but mainly our protagonist Sefia, who is in search for her missing aunt. With the help of a book her parents left for her and a boy named Archer, she sets on an adventure.

Overdrive by Dawn Ius
Coming out: September 13, 2016.

Overdrive is a book that, other than its synopsis, I know absolutely nothing about. 
But, sometimes, reading a book from its synopsis alone, can lead you into a great book. 
And the concept of the book does sound super interesting to me. 

Basically speaking, Overdrive is a YA contemporary thriller following a car thief named Jules who find herself having to trust 3 complete armature car thieves strangers in heisting away seven of the rarest muscle cars in the world. All for the chance of giving herself, and her orphaned little sister, a better life. 

Sounds really interesting, doesn't it?
Definitely not something I usually read, but after my grand experience with Jennifer Lynn Barnes books, I'm all for a good YA thriller. 

Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige
Coming out: September 20, 2016

Until not long ago, I was super-duper excited about this book.
"Danielle Paige is writing another fairy tale retelling? Hell yes!" 
But then... then I started hearing some pretty negative stuff from people who got an early copy of Stealing Snow. And not just one person, but quite a few bloggers. Stuff like: "there is insta-love in this book" (me: "NO! Anything but insta love - my sworn enemy!), and other not very complementary things. 

It's not to say that there aren't some very positive reviews from bloggers I know, but then there was also the average rating on goodreads that nearly gave me a shock: 3.11.
Now, despite the fact that the book isn't officially out yet, 3.11 definitely does not bode well. 

I'm going to read this (of course I'm going to read this. I love the Dorothy Must Die series), but with caution.
Not that caution will help me much.
I really want to love this book. 

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Juessica Cluess
Coming out: September 20, 2016

Another debut author, and another book I heard nothing but great things about. 
2016 & 2017 are going to be fantastic years for debut authors, the way I see it! 

So. This book, huh?
I'm very-much excited about this book!  
The synopsis sounds great, the cover is beautiful (not that I judge a book by its cover, you know) and I heard nothing but amazing things about it!
Honestly, what more do I need? 

I am Henrietta Howel.
The first female sorcerer in hundreds of years. 
The prophesied one. 
Or am I? 

A story about the chosen one who isn't actually the chosen one?
Yes, I'm reading this. 

Also, I love her name. 

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
Coming out: September 20, 2016

So September 20 seems to be our lucky number of the month.
Three books in one day - *happy dance!* 

I actually have prior knowledge about Kendare Blake, which is why I'm so interested in Three Dark Crowns.
I read Anna Dressed in Blood by the author, and really enjoyed it.
So when I saw she's writing another book, and once I read the synopsis... I was sold. 

I heard rather mixed things about Three Dark Crowns so far, but I'm not all that worried. 
I'm just so excited for September 20!
The only question is: which book should I read first? 

Bright Smoke, Cold Fire by Rosamund Hodge
Coming out: September 27, 2016

I read one book by this author before (Cruel Beauty), but despite the fact that I quite enjoyed it, it's not the reason I'm so excited about Bright Smoke, Cold Fire. 

Just read the synopsis and tell me you're not immensely intrigued by this book!
It's a Romeo & Juliette retelling but like nothing you've ever heard before, and with one hell of a twist.
This book sounds so good

The reviews are mixed, but I'm still excited to give this a try! 

And that's it for my most anticipated books of the month!
Tell me, are you excited about any of them, or maybe others I didn't mention?
I don't know about every single book that comes out this month, so feel free to tell me yours, or link me up to your most anticipated books of the month post.
Let's discuss all about them, shall we?
And let's have a fantastic reading month! 
Until then... ;)

Were they all just stories whose endings had already been written, the dates of their deaths pinned to the page with periods?  
-- The Reader, Traci Chee. 


  1. Stealing Snow is on my list too! Great post!
    Miranda @Miranda's Book Blog

  2. I really wanted to love Stealing Snow because I enjoyed Dorothy Must Die but unfortunately it just wasn't for me :( I hope you have a better experience! I'm also super excited for Three Dark Crowns!!!

    1. Yes, hearing you didn't like it was what really made me anxious of Stealing Snow. I know how disappointing it is to not like a book you so wanted to love, especially by an author whose previous books you loved :\

      On more poitive news: Three Dark Crowns! I hope we'll both love it (:

  3. I saw many books on my wish list! Especially Three Dark Crowns, The Reader, A Shadow Bright and Burning and Bright Smoke, Cold Fire <3

    1. Ah, I can't wait to read them all! Let's hope we'll love them, huh? :D

  4. I hope you'll enjoy Bright Smoke, Cold Fire more than me. I just was disappointed by it, compared to how much I loved the author's other books.

    1. Oh, so you didn't love Bright Smoke, Cold Fire? That's a shame...
      Well, I'll just have to wait and see for myself (:
      Thank you, Stephanie!

  5. I know what you mean about The Secret Fire! I read the first book, and though there was nothing spectacular about it, I still very much enjoyed it.
    I've been waiting to read Three Dark Crowns ever since I heard about it! It sounds really good, and that cover is gorgeous and dark.
    September 20th is literally the day EVERYTHING comes out. Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo, Frost like Night by Sara Raasch, Kingdom of Ash and Briars by Hannah West, and so many more come out on that day! There's no way I'm going to be able to keep up with my TBR this month T_T

    1. I know, right? *so weird*. I still haven't read the second book, but I'm hoping to enjoy it like the first (:
      I actually only read one book from this list so far - Kids of Appetite. I'm hoping to get to more soon.
      YES - so many good books! Let's hope with all our hearts to love them :D

  6. Three Dark Crowns was the only one I knew and had on my TBR. The rest, I had seen around. It's impossible to miss some books if you are part of the book community, right?! I kept seeing the cover to The Reader and A Shadow Bright and Burning but I had no idea what they were about. I'm adding them to my TBR too. The rest also sound great but I'm trying to control myself and not add ALL the books to my list hahah
    Great recap for September! You keep me updated in the most interesting books to come :)

    1. Definitely. Some books are just *so talked about* in the book community that you just can't miss them. Honestly, ever since joining this wonderful community, I'm pretty sure 90% of the books I read\want to read are because I saw bloggers talking about them (:
      It's truly amazing.

      Have you had the chance to read Three Dark Crowns already? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

      Aw, thank you. I'm always happy when I help someone updated or discover a new book :'D