Friday, September 23, 2016

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold - (Quick) Book Review

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold
                                           Publication date: September 20                                                                                                   My rating: 2 stars

It's so rare for me to review a book I rated so low.
Usually, I don't even finish books bellow 3 stars. And if I don't finish them, I don't feel it fair to rate them.
But this book... this book is different. 

So, accordingly, this review isn't going to be what I usually do. Which is tell you about the book in a non-spoilery way and then plunge right into my thoughts and feelings.
Nope, this time I'm going to give you a quick non-spoilers review.
Well... it's just what came our of me after reading Kids of Appetite. Who am I to argue? All I can do is share it with you.

Good book. Great concept. I loved both Vic and Mad and all the other characters. They were the kind of characters I want as my friends in real life because they're living proof that no matter how hard life gets... you don't give up. 

The beginning was just so captivating, interestingly strange and wonderful. Now you're probably wondering: "ah... did she accidentally rate this book 2 stars? Maybe she meant 4?"

Well, yes and no.

Thing is, I was so sure this was a 4 stars book for me. I loved the beginning and I was sure I would love the rest of it too. And while I did enjoy the rest of the book as well, it was harder for me to read. Why? too many descriptions of memories, places, characters and sometimes even overall weirdness that didn't make much sense, to be honest. I felt like there were so many American inside jokes and references to places and food and other stuff in the U.S, that an international like me could never understand. I didn't even visit the U.S, let alone lived there. For me, those jokes and references were completely alien. Honestly? Sometimes it felt like I was reading this book in a language I didn't understand but knew exists. 

The good news: for those of you who live\lived\are familiar with the U.S culture and don't mind many descriptions of philosophical ponderings, this book should be just for you (given that you enjoy a good - if strange - contemporary romance). Because despite my rating (which, if we're being technical here, is 2.5 stars), this book is a great deal of wonderful. It's unique, it's interesting and it has great characters (one of which has a rare physical disability). 

Wow, I don't think I ever talked so positively about a book I rated so low. This book is so not conventional that in a weird way it makes sense. Huh.

"I'm Vic," I said. That's good. Keep that going. "People call me Vic, I mean." Okay, that's enough. "Which is to say, my name is Victor." You're done. "But, um. No one calls me Victor, really." Abort! Abort! "Yeah, just Vic is good." 

P.S: I'm getting back, you guys! I shall explain everything in my 'I'm getting back!' post. Just wanted to let you know (:  


  1. Great review, Zoey! I always love lower rated reviews that talk about positive things and what other people may enjoy. This one is on my TBR. I'm not sure when I'll get to it, but I'll definitely be interested to see what I think.

    1. Hey, Lauren! Thank you :D
      If you'll ever get to you - I'll definitely be interested in seeing what you think, too (:
      Thank you SO much! It makes me so happy to hear this ^___^