Thursday, December 1, 2016

Most Anticipated Books of December 2016

So this is the last Most Anticipated Books post of the year.

This time next month I'll be doing the most anticipated books of January 2017, and it's goodbye 2016.

Personally speaking, it was a tough year; I finished high school, I was in the worst reading slump in the history of reading slumps (thankfully, I'm out of it), and my mental health wasn't at its peak. 

That being said, 2016 wasn't completely horrible either.
It was the year I opened Magiverse, the year I met you amazing bloggers (yes, I'm talking to you (: ), the year I (sort of) decided what is it I want to do, and the year I finally started writing again. 

So... yes.
2016 was both good and bad.
And I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store (it better be good).
Books speaking, 2017 is going to be AMAZING.

We have The Dark Prophecy, A flame in the Mist, Lord of Shadows, and that's just very-very-very-very few of the books coming out! 

As of December 2016... well, I think most authors decided to publish their books in January, because I only have 5 anticipated books in December (most of them I added last minute). 

In honor of the year 2016, I present you its last Most Anticipated Books post!

Publication date: December 1, 2016

In a summer camp full of at-risk teens, 16-year-old Zander doesn't fit in.
Or so she thinks. 

There, she falls in love, makes friends, and come to terms with who she is and what she wants. 

Centering around various of mental health issues, this sounds like a fantastic coming-of-age YA contemporary story. 
Can't wait to dive into it!

Teach Me to Forget by Erica M. Chapman
Publication date: December 2, 2016

This year I had the... *can't find the right word for it* of dealing with suicide.
My sister's best friend committed suicide and it, naturally, affected us all badly.
It still catches me off guard every now and then, thinking that this person I used to know is just... gone. Not here anymore.
I mean, isn't it strange?
Especially when you think that this person chose to not be here anymore.
If there is still one thing I don't understand about it all is the why.
WHY would someone do something like this? WHY would someone put others through something like this?
I hope it doesn't make me a horrible person when I say that, for a long time, I was just SO angry about that girl's decision to just... go away.
she put my sister through something horrible.
She put her whole family through something horrible. 
Didn't she think of her parents, her family, her friends? Didn't she care?
I will never know what went through her head at the time she decided to do it. I don't think I ever will.

So what's left for me to do other than read about it?
This is partly the reason I want to pick up Teach Me to Forget; a story about a young girl who decides to commit suicide when something stops her and she's forced to reconsider. 

That's the story of Ellery.
And maybe... just maybe seeing what went through her head, will give me the tiniest bit of prospective.
Also... maybe, just maybe this story will actually have a happier ending. 

Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill
Publication date: December 27, 2016

I actually received an e-ARC of this books from Netgalley!
Which I have yet to read...
Which means I need to get on to it this month.
Luckily, I still have almost a full month to read it, so... (: 

Ever the Hunted is about a young huntress forced to hunt down her father's killer, believed to be the boy she once loved. 

As of right now, the book seems to have an overall of pretty good reviews. It currently stands on 3.98 on goodreads.
Two of my goodreads friends loved it.
One thought it was alright.
And one didn't like it. 

So, really, it could go either way. 

Special thanks for Netgalley for providing me with an e-ARC!

Publication date: December 27, 2016

Now this book sounds super unique and super adorable. 

From the moment my eyes met the synopsis, it was read at first sight. 

A contemporary romance story with just the right touch of magic, The Secret of a Heart Note follows Mimosa, one of two people in the entire world with an extraordinary sense of smell. With her perfumes, Mimosa helps others fall in love.
The problem?
If she is ever to fall in love herself, her ability will be gone forever.
Naturally, love doesn't follow any rules, and it always finds a way in. 

The Secret Life of a Witch by Jessica Sorensen
Publication date: December 27, 2016

So December 27 seems to be our lucky number this month, huh? 😏 

This book is going to be either very enjoyable or very cliche.
Haven't decided yet. 

I was seriously debating whether to mention it in this post today, but since December is a very... dry book month, so to speak, I decided to include every remotely interesting book coming out. 
Plus, just because the synopsis doesn't sound very original, doesn't mean it can't still be good.
At the end it all comes down to great characters and amazing plot. 
I suppose we'll have to wait and see. 

That's it for my December most anticipated books post! 
I'm really happy to share with you my most anticipated books every month.
It makes me even more excited to read them ;)
Well then, what's your most anticipated books this month?
Anything I left out? Any books you want to rave with me about?
Share your thoughts!
And I'll see you very soon with a new post (:
Until then...

Shatter Me - Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale
(Does this song's beginning reminds anyone else of Harry Potter? :O )

"If we don't have hope, Zander, we don't have anything."  
-- The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland 


  1. I can't wait to read The Secret of a Heartnote. I want to read it since summer, since I saw it on Edelweiss, but my review request was declined unfortunately...

    Oh, I also can't believe another year is coming to it's end... I hope next year will be better.

    1. I'm pretty sure edelweiss is like the CIA - impossible to get into '^^ . Or maybe it's just for me.
      I mean, I've ben using it almost as much as I've been using NetGalley and I was never, not once, approved for any book there.
      On netgalley, however, I had so much more luck (:

      2017, here we come...

  2. I can't wait to read Ever the hunted :) I hear it has it's problems but is overall a great book! And yes 2017 has so many amazing books releasing! can't wait for 2016 to end :P

    1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts of Ever the Hunted (:
      And oh yes to 2017! :D

  3. Right now I can't think of any books coming out in December that I'm really looking forward to. The Pawn by Skye Warren releases but I alread read it and I didn't *totally* love it so eh. :P

    1. Huh. The Pawn doesn't look like my kind of read but I'm sorry to hear you didn't totally love it. It was enjoyable, at least? (:
      And, yeah, December is pretty dry in the whole book releases department, but we manage ^__^

  4. I've seen Ever the Hunted around everywhere. Might be a sign I need to look into it further. :)

    1. Yep, definitely a sign.
      The book-universe sometimes tries to tell us things ;)

      It's very nice to meet you, Rissi.
      Thanks for stopping by to comment :D

  5. 2016 was the weirdest year ever. So many awful things happened, but some key good things happened to in my life. I can't figure out how to feel about it, you know?
    I'm really interested in Teach me to Forget. Thanks for sharing that book and your personal experience Zoey. It's a tough topic and it's completely normal to feel angry at someone who decides to do that, but it's also more complex than being selfish or not. It's hard to explain here, but if you ever need to talk about that, you know where to find me ;)

    1. I completely get it.
      2016 can simply be described for me as: changes.
      changes don't seem good at first but maybe, longer along the road, they actually lead you to a better place.

      Thank you so much for you words, Esther.
      Just know that I'm always here for you too ^^

      It was a tough month for me. Tougher than usual.
      I'm hoping for better times in 2017 (:

  6. Oooh, these all sound like great books! I haven't heard of any of them, but the synopsis of all of them looks super intriguing. Which means I'm off to go look them up on Goodreads right after this! ^^
    (Also, how amazing is Lindsey Stirling? :D)

    1. So far I only read one of these books '^^

      Ohh, you know of Lundsey Stirling?
      Her music is very good :D

      Hope you had a great December!

  7. ooh, I really want to read Ever the Hunted, but all your picks sound good. That's a few more things added to the wish list lol - thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for commenting :D
      I hope you'll love Ever the Hunted. I still haven't read it (shame on me).