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Archangel's Heart by Nalini Singh - Book Review

* I received an e-ARC of this book from Orion Publishing Group via NetGalley (thank you!) for an honest review. As always, I only ever write my true thoughts *

Archangel's Heart by Nalini Singh
Publication date: November 1, 2016
My rating: 3.5 stars

Note: This is the 9th book in the Guild Hunter series. Though this review is spoiler free, you might still be spoilered for events in previous books if you haven't read them (I highly recommend you read them). 

Warning: Though the protagonist is NA, This series contains adult themes (such as explicit sexual scenes, language and violence scenes. So if you're uncomfortable with such scenes, this series is not for you. Though if you survived Nevernight, you can definitely take on this series (just saying (: ).

For those of you who know me, you probably know I don't usually read NA books with explicit scenes.
I am definitely more of the YA, with the occasional non-explicit NA, kind of girl. But I'm also a lover of all things fantasy first, and the fantasy in the world Nalini Singh created... I was powerless against it. 

Let's just say I instantly fell in love with the world and characters, and before I knew it this series became one of my all times favorite.

If you thought you've seen every take on vampires and angels out there, you thought wrong. Nalini Singh takes it to a whole new - brilliant - level. 
Don't believe me?
Just pick up Angels' Blood and see for yourself.

The characters in the Guild Hunter world are so well developed, you'll want them to be your friends. 

I loved every single book in the series, and while this book is no exception, I did have one major issue with it.  

I felt like Archangel's Heart was a transition book. Like it could have been book 8.5 rather than a full 9th book in the series.
In terms of plot and character development, nothing much happened in this book. It was more of a story to resolve the mystery surrounding Elena's past.
If I knew that going in, if it was treated as a transition book rather than a full novel, my experience with it would have been much different. 

While I love Elena and Raphael, I did feel like their story was wrapped up the last time we saw them. Which is why I was a little surprised to see this book was about them and not other characters in the series. 

That being said, I did like this book. A lot.
It was fast-paced, easy to read, pulled me in from start to finish.
There is no denying Nalini Singh is a fantastic author and that I love her characters and stories.

I just loved the one interaction we got of Elena & Dimitri. Those two are way too stubborn for their own good.
Can you even imagine the epicness of Elena and Dimitri as friends? 
They can take over the world.
Or make it explode. 

Another thing I loved was all the heartwarming moments & the Aodhan screen time we got.
If you didn't love Aodhan before, you'll sure as hell fall in love with him now.
And just you wait until the last few chapters of Archangel's heart... it's going to be everything you wanted. 

I'm really sad I need to wait another year for the next book, but the way Archangel's Heart ended makes me feel the next book is going to be *so good*. 

Anyone else is dying to get an Illium \ Aodhan book?
Although a Venom book would be ever so welcomed.

Ah, I'm so excited!
Whatever the next book has in store...
I'm in. 

And, who knows, maybe I'll get lucky enough to obtain be an ARC of the next book as well ;) (Just so you know... I screamed in happiness when I was approved for an ARC of this book. It was one of my most anticipated books of the year and I got an ARC. How could I NOT have screamed in joy? All right, fine, so I screamed in silence. But trust me, there was a lot of screaming in my head going on.)  

"I'm not unreasonable... so long as the order is reasonable."  
-- Archangel's Kiss, Nalini Singh

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