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Totally should have Book tag

So, I've seen this book tag going around booktube lately and I thought it would be fun to try it out, being it my first book tag and all. 
I'm basically going to say my opinion about a bunch of question that has the phrase 'totally should have" in them. Sounds like fun, right?
Let's do it (!). 

         *A book that totally should have gotten a sequel*
I'm going with Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover on this one.
I just didn't want this book to end. And when it did, I just wanted more. This book was AMAZING. I loved every single word of it, and all I want is more Sydney and Ridge! They are so perfect *sighing dreamily*.
I would have LOVED to get another book with those characters!
All this talk about Maybe Someday makes me want to re-read it for the 6th time.
If you haven't read this book yet - what have you been doing with your life? READ IT. 

*A book series that totally should have had a spin off*

I thought of quite a few options. I mean, who doesn't want their favourite series to have a spin-off? But it also needs to be fitting. Not every series, as much as you want it to, can have a spin-off.
In any case, I'm going with Harry Potter on this one. It would have been so good to have a spin-off series in the Harry Potter world. Can you imagine a spin-off of all the children of the characters from Harry Potter? Or maybe even a spin-off of Harry's father, his mother and their friends... how they got to know each other and all of their adventures in their years at Hogwarts.
Oh yes, I totally would've wanted to read this.

*An author that totally should have written more books*

Suzanne Collins, Kristine Cashore and J.K Rowling.
All these authors wrote some very good books. The reason I can't call them favourite authors of mine is because they've completely stopped writing more books.
An author grows with each book, gains experience and skills. I believe those authors could have been amazing if they just kept writing more.
Other than having a writer's block, I honestly don't get why an author would stop writing. It's a very sad thing. These authors (and more, like: Stephenie Meyer) totally should have written more books. 

*A character that totally should have ended up with somebody else*

99% of the time I ship the ship that will happen. It's too hard for me to read a book if my ship is destroyed. It's not to say I haven't come across books where my ship was doomed.
*If you haven't read the first 3 books of The Naturals series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, skip to the next question. I'm going to say exactly who should have ended up with someone else and who did she actually end up with, so... consider yourselves warned* 

Cassie should have totally ended up with someone else entirely.
Instead... she ended up with Dean.
Not my ship at all. I was on an entirely different ship called Cassie & Michael.
Cassie and Michael had chemistry and they kept bumping into each other. From the beginning, you just knew there was something special between them.
With Dean? I felt none of that. They hardly talked, hardly had any real conversation or any kind of chemistry and yet somehow they ended up together.
I honestly don't understand how or why.
Granted, there is at least one more book in the series so it's not finished quite yet, but... the chances she'll change her mind for some reason look slim to none right now.
*Another sigh*
But who knows, maybe I'll get the surprise of my life in the next book and my ship will sail again. 

*A book that totally should have ended differently*

Carry on by Rainbow Rowell.
As I wrote in my review of Carry on: This. Is. Not. An. Ending.
The first 90% of the book? Pure amaziness.
The last 10% of the book? All hell breaks loose. Fast. Me? *blinking slowly*, putting the book aside, wondering what in the world just happened.
Seriously? Is this how it ends?
Yeah... no. 

*A book that totally should have had a TV show*

Definitely The Lunar Chronicles!
I got this idea the lunar chronicles would make a fantastic TV show while reading the third book. Something about this wold, those characters, all the complexity and awesomeness of it... I could just imagine it as a TV show. And that says a lot considering I'm not in the habit of wanting to turn books I love into movies\TV shows. But with the lunar chronicles... I felt like, in the right hands, it could be such an amazing show. Can you imagine the possibilities? Just thinking about it makes me all giddy inside.
There is always a risk to adapting a book to the big screen (Just look at the TV show shadowhunters. nope, sorry, I can't deal with this show. I love the mortal instruments too much), but if done right, wouldn't it be just amazing? 

*A book that totally should have been a movie*

I'm not too keen on book-to-movie adaptations. TV shows? They are usually much more capable of capturing the essence of the book (in those rare occasions) + they are longer and can actually adapt the *whole* book\series and not just parts of it (though they usually don't do it).
I find that I enjoy the movies of books I didn't like. Books I love, though... their movies either make me want to kill someone (probably the one who made the movie) or go into denial mode and pretend this movie doesn't exist. Usually I start with option one and ends up with option two.
So... what book should I nominate for a movie adaptation? I actually have two in mind: Wings by Aprilynn Pike and Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins. They can turn to be great movies. They both have a very interesting fantasy element that has lots of potential (which I felt hasn't fully grown in the books). 

*A book that totally should have had one POV*

Usually, I don't have a problem with multiple POVs. If it's more than 2 POVs than it might get annoying, but I don't come across many books with more than 2 POVs. The only one that comes to mind is the Heroes Of Olympus series, and while it's true I didn't particularly like hearing from a few characters POVs, it didn't bother me that much.
The Rose & The dagger (by Renee Ahdieh) though... honestly? I did not see the point of condemning us to Irsa POV and a few other random POVs. It was annoying, boring and all I thought while reading those POVs was: "when will we get back to Shazi?" and: "What's going on with Shazi right now?" and: "Please let this chapter be over so we can go back to the real story."
Sorry, but you can't just randomly shove POVs at the readers. Multiple POVs are great when there is a point to them. When there is no apparent point to them? Yeah, not so much. 

*A book that totally should have had a cover change*

Richelle Mead has that habit of having ah... really strange book covers for her books. It happened with the vampire academy, with the bloodlines series, and the latest victim was the glittering court book cover. I mean, with the vampire academy and bloodlines I could at least understand there were humans on the covers that were supposed to be Rose and Sydney, but... well, ah... is the person on the glittering court cover even human? It looks *so weird*. 

*A book that totally should have not had a cover change*

Hmm... I have to say, I don't know. It's usually the other way around: I can't think of a book I've read that got a cover change for the worse. Maybe... Carry On? The previous cover was prettier, in my opinion.
What about you guys? something like that ever happened to you? 

*A book that totally should have stopped at book one*

Oh, believe me, I was a big fan of Divergent once upon a time. I loved books 1 and 2 very much. And then came along book 3 and... well. Let's just say I would rather it ended with book 1. 

And that's it for the 'Totally should've' book tag!
I hope you enjoyed it - I know I did (:
Tell me all about it in the comments bellow, and if you want me to do more book tags in the future.
See you in my next post! 

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