Saturday, March 5, 2016

Most anticipated books of March 2016

Welcome to my first most anticipated books page! 

How does it work?
basically, every month I tell you about all the books I'm highly anticipating\intrigued with that are coming out that month, and you can tell me and everyone else in the comments what books you are highly anticipating and we shall discuss all about them together when they come out. 

Let's start, then.


                                                       Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
                                                            Coming out March 8, 2016. 

I've been waiting for this book for 2 years now.
To say I'm excited for this book is an underestimate.
Heck, this is probably my most anticipated book of the year.
Ever since my pre-order of Lady Midnight was dispatched a few days ago, I've been smiling like a crazy person! Seriously.
I love TMI and TID so much. words cannot express how much I love everything Cassandra has ever written.
Those character, that world, the writing style...
For everyone who haven't read the mortal instruments and the infernal devices... well, go read it! (:      


Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige
coming out March 15, 2016.

The third installment in the Dorothy Must Die trilogy.

Dorothy Must Die took me by surprise.
I didn't expect much starting this book. what I got was am amazing world (based on the familiar world we all know and love: Oz), even more amazing characters and a kickass-sarcastic protagonist that doesn't give up.
This trilogy is written in a fun fast-paced way. The writing and plot will suck you right in. This book takes Dorothy to a whole new level.
What you think you know about Dorothy is going to turn upside down. good and evil has switched sides and none of them is what it seems.
This is not the Oz you know. It's a dark Oz, a twisted Oz.
Oz is crumbling and Dorothy is responsible.
Enters Amy Gumm, the other girl from Kansas.
Her mission?
To kill Dorothy.

March might not have that many anticipated books for me but those two books are more than I can ask for. I want to read them so bad! 

I'd love to know what's yours most anticipated books. Feel free to tell me in the comments.     

"There is always a story between once upon a time and happily ever after." 


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