Friday, May 8, 2020

The Worst Romance Novel in the World: Eternal Passion at Sunset - Book Review πŸ˜‚

Publication date: March 20, 2020
My rating: 2 stars (but that's a good thing!)

“You don’t drink blood?” “Well, I do do that.” “You don’t kill people, though?” “Sometimes I do that, too.”

Gotta admit, I did not expect Cassandra Gannon to give us THIS πŸ˜‚

Oh, don’t get me wrong, this book wasn’t bad- Well actually it was bad, but it's supposed to be "bad" (it’s right there in the title). 

If you're eyeing this book thinking what the heck is this about, please read Not Another Vampire Book by Cassandra Gannon first, it would make so much more sense. I urge you to read her books, I love them!

So basically, Cassandra has totally succeeded it what she set out to do, bringing us a "bad" supernatural romance by taking every clichΓ© in romance/erotica/fantasy and making them even more ridiculous. Ironically, it means my rating is actually good, because the book succeeded in being appropriately ridiculous.

Purposely writing such a book takes skills. Seriously. I applaud Cassandra!

Though part of the reason why I couldn’t fully enjoy the ridiculousness of it all, was because I was feeling so bad for Slade and Demian throughout it all!
It was like watching an alternate universe version of themselves given this horrible script. Which is, eh, exactly the purpose of this book, I know, but all I wanted was for them to be happy with their real mates.
I was half craving for Karalynn to make her appearance and save Damien :’) Or for Slade to come to his senses and leave Melessa what’s her name to find Jane!

“Don’t try any of your tricks on me, Damien. You might be kinda sexy, but I see right through you.” “I’m invisible right now, so I’d certainly hope so.”

Anyways, I’m truly thankful for Cassandra for giving us another story by her as we await her next book in The Elemental Phases series (I WANT IT SO BAD). I simply adore this author, and I’m ever so excited for literally anything she writes.

Thank you, Cassandra, you’re amazing! 

P.S: I wonder if Cassandra was having fun thinking up all the pet names Slade and Melessa were calling each other. They were so… creative πŸ˜‚

P.P.S: I love the cover and how much it reflects the whole theme of the novel! From the half naked guy/girl embracing on the cover, to how that cover seems old and well used. Love it.

Last one I promise: I don’t think I’ve ever loved the author’s notes as much as I do in Cassandra Gannon’s books. I absolutely adore her author’s note and I read them like an addict. Seriously, she’s a wonderful author. 

“Ouch!  What are you doing, you pervert?” “You did that. I’m not even moving.” “You’re doing this all wrong and you’re not even doing anything.  How is that possible?” “How would you know if I’m doing it wrong?  You just said this was your first time.”

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