Thursday, June 9, 2016

Top 10 things I would want with me during the Zombie Apocalypse

So I saw this blog doing a list of top 10 things you'd want to have with you in case of a Zombie apocalypse outbreak, and it made me wonder: what would I want with me during a zombie apocalypse?  

The zombie apocalypse is upon us!
Quick, you only have time to grab 10 things to take with you on the journey before escaping the house to find a safer location.
What would you want to have with you? 

  1. Supplies (food, water...). Even if I'll live long enough to survive the zombies, I would still die without food and water.
  2. A gun and a knife (not that I know how to use them - with zombies roaming around I probably regret not taking any lessons - but at least I know the basics of what to do with them if a zombie came at me, right...?).
  3. My family (my mom, dad and sister). I won't survive the zombie apocalypse without them. You can only survive an apocalypse like this with a team on your side - and the most important teammates are your family (because you know you can always trust them, not matter what).
  4. My kindle + a few books (What can I say, a reader is always a reader. We will read to the end!).
  5. A survival book (how to survive in the forest\desert\in the wild). See? Books can very well save your life in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.
  6. Medical supplies (Just as important as food and water. Without hospitals and without available medicine... even a non-deadly wound can become deadly).
  7. A teammate with experience in the medical world. A teammate like this would be most valuable. Wrapping a bandage is good and all, but I have no expertise beyond that.
  8. Some magical items (no one said magic wasn't allowed. If zombies are real, I choose to believe so is magic ;) ).
  9. A guide book of 'how to survive the zombie apocalypse' would be much appreciated.
  10. A large but comfortable backpack (where will I put all those things, after all? ;) ).
So this is my item list of surviving the zombie apocalypse. What's your item list? 
Mine is mostly based on the few books\movies\TV shows\anime I saw about zombies;
Izombie (TV show), The Walking Dead (TV show), Warm Bodies (movie), World War Z (best zombie movie EVER), World War Z (the book the movie is based on), High School Of The Dead (best zombie anime EVER).  

Zombie movies\TV\books can get pretty gruesome, so it's really not for everyone. But it's also, for some unreasonable reason, very thrilling and addictive.
*Shrugging* go figure. 

What zombie movies\TV shows did you watch? What zombie books did you read? 
Feel free to do this challenge and see what your item list for the zombie apocalypse is.
I should probably go check and see if I have all those items. You know, just in case ;) 

"No. I can survive well enough on my own - if given the proper reading material."  
 -- Sarah J. Maas, Throne Of Glass. 


  1. Just thinking about zombies makes me so nervous man, I would die so fast. Or maybe my fear would make me a better fighter, who knows? I would take rope and a knife as my weapons of choice. I'd create traps with the rope and then stab them when they're down or entangled enough that they couldn't bite me.

    If you like zombies you have to check This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers. The opening chapter is bound to hook you, it's AMAZING. I reviewed it, if you want to know more about it. It's sad, but it's one of my favorite books.

    I saw World War Z's ending last month on TV, so I totally spoiled it for myself :( If I ever forget it, I'll love to watch it. And Zombieland is a fun film. If you haven't already, check it out!

    1. Zombies are gruosome *shudders*, but for some reason I'm addicted to those zombie movies\shows. Even when they're bound to give my nightmares.

      You know, I always wondered that too... I thought my fear would make me an easy target but maybe it'll actually make be stronger. Who knows.

      Sounds like a great plan for the zombie apocalypse! Number 11: having Esther for a teammate. She's great with traps.

      First rule of every zombie apocalypse: Do. Not. Get. Bitten.

      I never heard of This Is Not A Test. I'm so intrigued! I'll deffinitely chack this out.

      No matter. I don't think seeing the ending would ruin the movie for you. There are so many things going on during that movie. It really is a great movie - you should watch it when you have the chance.

      Zombieland? Another zombie thing I never heard about. I'll be sure to check both Zombieland and This Is Not A Test.
      Thanks Esther! (:

  2. Great list! I would definitely have to load up on the books with useful knowledge and team members with useful knowledge because I'm pretty sure I don't have a lot of survival skills myself and would just die on my own.

    1. LOL, yeah... unless I gathered some useful skills from all my years of reading, I don't think I have any significant skill to offer either. But with some great teamates (and great books), maybe I can survive the zombie apocalypse.
      Thanks, Briana! ^__^