Monday, June 27, 2016

Once Upon a Time... there was a favorite retellings post

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a newbie blogger. She harbored an undying love for fantasy and magic.
The blogger was a firm believer in happily ever afters, but she did not believe such things came easily or without a price.
The newbie blogger loved retellings because they showed the sweetness of fairy tales and combined it with a harsher, darker tone. In retellings, happily ever after did not come easily. In retellings, sometimes the princess had to save herself. 

Once upon a time, in a far away land indeed, there lived a newbie blogger. One day the newbie blogger decided to venture deep into the world of book blogging. Little did she know this adventure will change her forever. She also did not know the trials that awaited her as she ventured deeper into that traitorous world. In the meantime, the blogger decided she shall share her love for retellings with the world.
The story, as has been foretold many years before, went sort of like this: 

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

A Cinderella\Little Red Riding Hood\Rapunzel\Snow White retelling saga.
Each book is both a continuation to the previous book and a new story.
Four girls, one evil queen, swoony romances, hilarious moments and it all takes place in... the future.
A sci-fi retelling - now this is a new one.
There is also a spaceship involved, heartwarming teamwork, an awesome android and Captain Thorne (*wink-wink*). 

When I read Cinder, I didn't immediately go to read the next book. It was only after a friend of mine pushed me towards this series again that I picked up Scarlet. I'm so glad I did, because this series is beautiful.
It's true, Cinder and Scarlet are a little slow paced (in a way that, surprisingly, didn't bother me all that much), but once you reach Cress... there is no going back, you're with those characters until the end. 

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz continuation\retelling.

Have you ever wondered what if Dorothy Gale came back to Oz?
Well, Danielle has.

What if Dorothy came back? What if Oz changed her and she became... evil? what if it's not the happy Oz from the stories anymore? What if the fate of Oz - and the entire
world - rested upon the shoulders of a 21st-century Kansas-girl named Amy Gumm? 

I love how Danielle Paige completely messes with the concepts of good Vs. evil. I love how this book is both bitter and sweet, good and evil, happy and sad, funny and serious. You just fly through this series. It's fast paced, Amy is *awesome*, the romance is sweet (and it's not the main focus of the story) and it's such an amazing ride in an Oz we thought we knew but we clearly don't. 

Welcome to Danielle's Oz.

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

One hundred and one nights retelling.

The first thing you'll notice: gripping writing style.
The second thing you'll notice: a fantastic, strong willed, brave protagonist.
The third thing you'll notice: the evil
king. Is he evil, though? That's the big mystery.
The fourth thing you'll notice: beautifully written characters, world and plot.
The fifth thing you'll notice: a sweeping, heart racing, "is it ever going to work out?!" romance.

Not necessarily in that order. 

Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay

A rerelling\more like continuation about the daughter of sleeping beauty. 

I feel like this book is pretty much unheard of. Which is weird because it's really good. Not "amazing" level of good but "that was great" level of good definitely.

We have here a girl pretending to be a boy, a romance you won't be able to *not* root for, action and fantasy and of course... a curse. Because we can't have a retelling without a horrible curse, now can we? 

And that's it for my Once Upon a Time post.
I hope you enjoyed it, at least a little bit.
Making this post made me realize I have to read more retellings. I clearly don't read enough.
What's your favorite retellings? Tell me all about it, I'd love to know. 

"And they all lived happily to the end of their days."
-- The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer. 


  1. I loved the first paragraphs of this post so much, amazing, I felt like I was actually going to read a fairytale :)

    I want to read all of the books you posted here one day, especially The Lunar Chronicles and Dorothy Must Die because I've heard so much about them.

    I think the only retellings I've ever read were a short story collection by Angela Carter called The Bloody Chamber. All the stories were gothic and feminist retellings of different fairy tales.

    1. Ohhh, thank you! That was what I was aiming for. I was afraid it wasn't good enough, but hearing that it made you think like you were reading a fairy tale... :'D

      So you haven't read many retellings as well?
      The Lunar Chronicles and Dorothy Must Die are a great place to start.

      I hope you'll love The Lunar Chronicles and Dorothy Must Die as much as I did. They are both fantastic. Tell me when you'll ever get to them (:

      Thanks again, Esther! I was so glad to hear from you and read your heartwarming comment :')

  2. I was the same with the Lunar Chronicles. I wasn't in love with the first book, so it took me forever to get to the sequel, but I'm so glad I picked up Scarlet because that's my favorite. Overall, it's such a terrific series.

    I adore Princess of Thorns too! I agree it's very underrated, but it's such a good story and deserves more love! Her Of Beast and Beauty is another one I like.

    I haven't read Dorothy yet, but I have to change that soon. Also, I wasn't a fan of TWATD and my co-blogger disliked the second book, so I might not be picking it up.

    As for my favorite retellings, I'd have to go with TLC and also Uprooted by Naomi Novik.

    Fun post! :)

    1. The Lunar Chronicles is the kind of series that takes a while to get into but once you do... there really is no going back :)
      I'm very much looking forward to Marrisa's next series about super heroes and super villains. It sounds so cool!

      You are the first person I talked to who read Princess of Thorns (which is saying a lot about how underrated this book really is).

      There are really only two options: either you hate Dorothy Must Die or you love it. I hope you'll love it - this series is so much fun.

      TWATD second book was also a let down for me... and a sad one because I did love the first book a lot.
      But if you didn't like it... you probably won't like TRATD.

      I never heard of Uprooted - I'll check it out.

      Thank you! I was very glad to see your comment :D

  3. All of these choices are perfection. I've only read the first book in the Dorothy series, but I've heard great things. Renee's books are some of my favorites and I wish Princess of Thorns had gotten a bit more love so we could have a sequel.

    Great list, thanks for sharing it!

    1. Hey, Stacee! Thanks for stopping by to comment (:
      Oh yes, me too - I really enjoyed TWATD and Princess of Thorns. It's a shame it's not more known... I would have loved a sequel.
      If you enjoyed the first book in the dorothy must series, I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of the books too.
      Thank you! I'm *so* glad you liked it :D

  4. *shrieks* OMG I LOVE THIS LIST! ANd I 10000% appreciate that you love Princess of Thorns too. Omg why is it so underrated?!?!? I adore it so much and there's like no one to flail about it with! SO LET ME FLAIL WITH YOU! AHHHH. hehe.
    And I was the same with Cinder actually! I read the first chapter and was like "meh" and sent it back to the library. #fail My sister forced me to read the rest and then I was SO hooked and the Lunar Chronicles are like some of my favourite books of all time now. :')
    Fairy tale retellings are THE BEST. :D

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Flail away! You're only the second person I met so far who loved Princess of Thorns :D
      To say this book is underrated would be an underestimate. Honestly, this book is practically invisible. And it's insane because it is SO GOOD.
      I appreciate you right back for knowing it! And for being the hilarious and sweet person that you are (:
      What! So you had the *exact* same expirience with The Lunar Chronicles as me!
      Me: *reading cinder*. It's okay, but... I don't know... *casting it aside for a year and a half*.
      My friend: Oh no, you HAVE to read it. it's AMAZING.
      Me: but...
      my friend: No! Read it!
      Me: okay, okay... calm down.
      *reading scarlet, then reading cress, then reading winter*
      Oh my god, this is perfection! Why didn't anyone tell me this earlier? I love it so much :')
      Since reading TLC I love fairy tale retellings even more. *happy sigh*.
      I'm so glad you stopped to say hello, cait! I was so happy to see your comment - thank you :D