Saturday, March 5, 2016

Review Policy

I am open for book review requests.

For requests and questions or anything else, you can contact me at:

I am accepting ARCs, finished copies and e-copies.

Once I read a book (it usually takes me somewhere between a few days to a week from the time I start reading it), I post a review almost immediately (on the same day or a day or two afterwards), when my thoughts and feelings about the book are still fresh in my mind. 

The review will be first posted here (on my blog) and later on Goodreads, amazon, and other platforms (such as Barnes & Nobles and Edelweiss).    

Genres I review:

  • YA\NA Fantasy (favorite genre) 
  • YA\NA Science fiction (favorite genre)   
  • YA (favorite genre)  
  • YA Historical fiction
  • contemporary
  • YA\NA romance
  • YA dystopian 
  • YA\NA paranormal

Genres I don't review:
  • Horror 
  • Biographies 
  • Poetry
  • Erotica 
  • Self-help
  • Religious fiction and non-fiction 
  • Classics   

How I review and rate:

My reviews are always 100% honest, no matter how\when\where I get the books from. Whether I buy it and whether I receive it, I will always speak my true feelings. This is, after all, why I opened Magiverse. 
If I disliked a book, I will point out, clearly and respectfully, my reasons and my thoughts about the book.
If I did not finish a book because I could not get into it, I will not post a DNF review nor will I rate it, since I feel it's unfair to do so with a book I did not finish. 

All my reviews include: title and author of the book, picture of the book, release date, link to the summary on Goodreads, and my rating (1-5 stars). The first part of my review is spoiler-free (for readers who have yet to read the book) and the second part of my review is the full review (with spoilers).

My star rating (based on Goodreads star rating system)

 5 stars: It was amazing! Mind Blowing! 

 4 stars: I really liked this book\loved it!

 3 stars: I liked it/enjoyed it, but I had my issues with it. 

 2 stars: I couldn't get into it (at all).                                 

 1 stars: I did not like\enjoy this book (and I mean no disrespect to                                       those who have). 

If I receive a book for review I will be sure to mention in the beginning of the review: "I received this book from ___ in exchange for an honest review."

For requests and questions or anything else, you can contact me at:  

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