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Books I Want to Re-read

I've been hitting my head in a wall trying to think what I should write about in my next post. Most anticipated books of April 2016 is coming up in a few days time but I'm in this period where I have nothing to read (sad times indeed) so I've been looking through books I love, thinking which should I re-read (?) when it hit me (!): Should I make a post about it maybe?
Sounded like a fun idea, so here we go. 

Oh, and, before we start: *This post is spoiler free to all the books I'll be mentioning*

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

If you've read a few of my posts so far, you probably already know of my undying love for Cassandra Clare's books.
Funny story: when I first read City of Bones, I abandoned this book and hadn't picked it up until 2 years later. But that was because I... Ah... freaked out about something. It was actually after reading Clockwork Angel that I went right back to the mortal instruments, picked it up again and didn't stop reading until the very last book.
I read the mortal instruments when 5 of the books were already out. I think I've re-read the first three books 4-5 times. But I haven't re-read any of the books in a while now.
Oh, how much I love this series!
Sorry, I got distracted. Well, maybe not... the point of this post is to fangirl all about these books, no? ;)
If you are reading this post and haven't read the mortal instruments yet... I highly-highly-highly recommend you to read it. If you love a good fantasy world, romance that will get your heart to beat in dread yet swoon repeatedly, sarcasm that will make you laugh and some epic times thrown into the mix... then you should definitely read it.
I know some people feel either way about the mortal instruments. Some love it and some hate it. You can't know which one you are unless you try (:
If you find yourself not liking the mortal instruments, you should still try the infernal devices. I know some people who didn't like the mortal instruments at all yet absolutely LOVED the infernal devices. For me, I loved them both equally.
Those two series are intertwined but you can read them separately with no problem (you will understand everything perfectly even if you don't read them both, I assure you). If you do want to read them together then I recommend reading them in this order: City of bones, City of ashes, city of glass, Clockwork angel, City of fallen angels, Clockwork prince, City of lost souls, Clockwork princess, City of heavenly fire.
I'm pretty sure most people of the world read these books though so I have no idea how helpful (if at all) this was.
Oh, well.

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

My favourite Colleen hoover book.
I read contemporaries from time to time but they usually don't blow me away. I enjoy them but not as much as I enjoy a good fantasy book.
This one though... this one blew me away with how amazing it was.
I love Coleen's way or writing, of telling a story, of bombing you out of nowhere with plot twists that leave you speechless. She has that way of getting you attached to those characters in just one book.
It takes skills to tell such a complex, deep, yet extremely entertaining story that combines both laughter and sadness and that will make you fall for it instantly. Not to mention all the artistic and unique aspects she adds to her stories. She somehow manages so come out with yet another idea for a beautiful masterpiece.
Maybe someday is the lightest of her books, and that's actually why I love it best.
Confess, Hopeless, November 9, Ugly love... they all had that sad\tragic aspect to them that was thrown at as out of nowhere in the middle of the book (she's prone to a HEA, so not to worry). While I think it's amazing how Colleen weaves her stories always and always catch me off guard... Some of the sad\tragic aspects are just too dark for me to deal with. And it's ironically because I got so attached to the story and characters that I feel that way.
Maybe Someday is the book that shows us what Collen's books would look like without that dark aspect. and I found I loved it much more that way. For me, it's just too hard to keep reading the other books when that 'dark' aspect arrives.
I love the seriousness and darkness and complexity in books but with colleen's books it simply doesn't work for me (not in a bad way just in my way).
Maybe Someday is so very good. It's complex yet beautiful. Light yet serious. And the music... oh my goodness, the music. it's the first book I've ever read to literally weave the music into the story.
Music and books are my two greatest passions. together it was just brilliant.
I've re-read this book 4 times and I already want to re-read it for the 5th time.
If you want to get on board the Colleen Hoover train, I recommend you start with Maybe someday or the Never-never trilogy. 

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and
Jay Kristoff

so... I went to check out on google other words for the word 'unique'. I came up with: different, rare, uncommon.
None of them feels quite right.
How would I describe Illuminae? exceptional, distinctive, unique, extraordinary, special, strange (everything that's unique and special is also strange in some way. The good kind of strange), something else, unlike anything else.
That's more like it.
My only mistake with reading Illuminae is reading it on my kindle. Not going to happen again.
This book is told through E-mail, messages, interviews, documents, chats and surveillance footage. intrigued? so was I.
The truth is, it's even better than it sounds.
Don't let the way this story is told\the confusion in the beginning of what's going on to put you off.
Kady is the best kick-ass, sassy and tough character I've read in a while. I LOVE her. And Ezra? funny, amazing, endlessly swoon-Worthy.
This whole book is swoon-worthy. Seriously.
Just don't make the mistake of reading it on your kindle\e-reader like I did. It's not horrible but it's not comfortable either (because of the way it's written).
I haven't re-read Illuminae yet but I'm planning to (once I order the physical copy). The next book in the trilogy (series? not sure yet) is only coming out in October 18, 2016. When the blurb came out and Jay Kristoff's FAQ in the reviews section in goodreads... I had no idea how I was going to make it to October 18. How do you wait such a long time for a book you're dying for? *freaking out here! 7... more... months...*
Any reader would tell you it's one of the greatest questions in the universe, still

The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Ahh, The Vampire Academy.
Remember that story about me switching from reading in my native language to reading in English? Well, so the book that marked that transition is actually Shadow kiss (the third book in the vampire academy). It was after finishing Frost Bite with that OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED! ending. How could you expect from someone to wait *a year* for the next book to come out after *that* ending, when the original book is already out? you can't.
So I owe my thanks to that insane ending that made me the reader I am today.
The vampire academy is the best vampire story I ever read. Richelle found a way to take the vampirism aspect that has been done over and over again, to a new level.
I loved the dynamics of Vampires in the series but the best part? Rose and Dimitry *swoon*. Rose's like Jace. No, seriously, Imagine Jace just in a female version. That's Rose. She's awesome, hilarious, sarcastic, kick-ass to the end and loyal to the people she loves.
And Dimitry? Their relationship development is just oh so good!
I've also read part of the bloodlines series by Richelle and really enjoyed it. The vampire academy series is by far the best series I've read by Richelle. 

Percy Jackson And The Olympians &
 Heroes Of Olympus
 by Rick Riordan 

I've been reading for as long as I can remember, but what really got me into being a reader and not just someone who occasionally read books is the Percy Jackson series.
I still remember the first time I read Percy Jackson. From the very first page - and I do mean, the first page - I was a goner for this series.
I know many people say they grew up with Harry Potter. If so, I grew up with Percy Jackson.
I read the first book when I was 12 (Just like Percy was 12 in the first book) and read the last book last year (when I was 17), just like Percy.
So yes... I basically grew up with Percy Jackson. It'll forever be an important and favourite book series of mine.
I know some people are cautious picking up this series because Percy is 12 in the first book and they don't know if they can relate to a book told by a 12-year-old anymore. I'll go out and say it: Percy is not your ordinary 12-year-old. in fact, you might even forget he's even 12-year old with all the monsters, action, humor, awesomeness, gods and adventures this book has.
And anyway, in each book Percy is a year older.
This is a series I not only re-read many times before but also will definitely re-read again.
Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan are at the very-very top of favorite authors of all times. Granted, I was rather disappointed with their latest books (Lady Midnight and The Sword of summer) but every now and then it's bound to happen. I'm sticking with them forever.
I used to call Cassandra Clare the Queen of my favourite books and Rick Riordan the King of my favourite books (:
How awesome would it be if they'll write a book together? 

The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

Another amazing series by Rick Riordan. Fun, magical, adventurous, laughing non-stop and enjoying every minute... just like Rick does best.
I love-love-love the brother-sister dynamics, the romance, the writing style and, well... everything.
I'll be re-reading it again for sure.
If you haven't read anything by Rick Riordan yet and don't know how to start or are just overwhelmed by the number of books in the Percy Jackson series (not that it's overwhelming once you start), you can start here, with the Kane Chronicles. It'll be a great introduction to Rick's style. 

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I found myself relating to Cath so much that I was wondering if my college experience was going to be like that - terrifying yet worth it in the end.
Like Cath I'm the shy, anxious of new situations type. The 'real' me is the one I feel, the one you see when I write. Writing is my way of showing the world who I really am.
Back to the book: I enjoyed Cath's journey and romance so much. It was so very cute and heartwarming.
Even the dynamics between Cath and her sister reminded me of the dynamics between me and my sister (although we're not twins).
The romance only picks up about halfway through the book but it's okay because once it does, it's so fun! Levi & Cath are funny and great together.
Is it weird though that I was even more invested in Simon Snow in this book and the bits we saw from his story?
Fantasy being my favorite genre, I don't think it's weird. It makes sense, actually.
I was
ecstatic when Carry On was announced! A fictional book that was presented in another fictional book that I loved? Simon Snow? and Rainbow's first fantasy book? count me in. I even wrote a review about Carry On on goodreads (here: Carry On) but that's another story.
Fangirl was a great read. I already re-read it once before Carry On came out and I'm sure I'll be re-reading it again when I'm in the right mood.
If you're looking for a fun contemporary book or just want to read something by Rainbow Rowell because you've hear a lot about her, you should read Fangirl (: 

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy

Another Rick with another fantastic book.
Other then their names and the fantastic-ness of their books, they truly have nothing in common. Yet I loved both of their books extremely so.
The 5th wave is one hell of a unique story. Cassie's chapters were my favourites. I always couldn't wait to get back to her.
And Evan... Oh Evan *LOL* sorry, I just remembered his creepiness. It was hilarious. Their relationship is not Ideal but it doesn't change how much I root for them.
I loved their moments together... it was the best.
Rick's writing style is so unique and captivating. I loved the second book (the infinite sea) less but I loved it nonetheless. The first book is by far the best. I've already re-read it 2 times. And I'm so-so-so excited to The last star (the third book) that's coming out in May!

The Hunger Games by
 Suzanne Collins

I feel like everybody in the universe have read this book or at least seen the movies. Or at the very least heard about it.
I was on the Hunger Games train right there with everyone else.
The first book is the best and It's the one I've been re-reading many times before.
The first book? Amazing! Applause! That was a great read!
The second book? Less as good but still liked it.
The third book? Ah... what just happened? *blink-blink*. I don't know what was that but I don't particularly like it.
So yeah... I haven't re-read the hunger games in a very long time now. I'm not sure I will because I feel like my excitement for it has become less and less over the years but I've read the first book so many times that I feel it's worth mentioning in this post.
If you really-truly don't know about the hunger games (which I highly doubt but still)... the best course of action will be reading the first book and see where is leads you.  

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

It's... genius.
No, really, the MC is a genius. As in, Sherlock Holmes level of genius. If you, like me, love the awesomeness and brilliance of Sherlock Holmes and doctor who, then you should definitely try this series out.
It just gets better and better. Books 4 and 5 being the best in the series.
Stop after book 5 or 6 though. Because after that... the series starts to go to hell. Things are being so weird I started to doubt the same author has been writing it.
so yes, you should stop after book 5, maybe 6.
Back to the actual book: Artemis Fowl, in the beginning of the series, is 12-year-old. But just like I said about Percy Jackson, he's not your regular 12 years old. Even more so with him being a criminal master mind genius.
It doesn't have romance and It's not the usual kind of book I pick up but it does have strong friendships and I'm not sorry for reading this series. it was truly amazing. I loved every minute of it and I'll definitely be reading it again soon.

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

I've seen some people that really hated this series.
Granted, Nora (the protagonist) can make you want to choke her sometimes *laughing* but I still liked this series. Rather a lot. The second book is the most annoying of them all, but the others are really quite good and I enjoyed them very much.
This series is about angels, nephilim, danger, and one girl who finds herself in the middle of it all thanks to a fallen angel named Patch. It's a romance story that isn't insta-love or love-triangle like. The interaction between Nora and Patch in the first book were so fun, creepy and dreadful.
In the second book even I wanted to kill Nora, but I still found it worth the read. 

The Game by Eve Silver

This trilogy has one of the best captivating writing styles I've read. And when I say captivating what I mean is: I hardly took any breaks reading these books. I was so engrossed in the story I physically couldn't put the book aside.
It's a great trilogy! Fast paced, extremely entertaining, amazing romance, MC you can't help yourself but love and the writing style just won't let you go.
I'll definitely be re-reading these books again someday! 

Fever by Karen Marrie Moning

I was hooked from the very first page of the very first book.
Hooked and addicted, because let me tell you: this series is addicting. You just won't be able to stop reading. I loved-loved-loved this series. Just thinking about it made me all giddy and excited.
Mac, the MC, is one of my favorite protagonists of all times. she's fantastic, amazing. Her character development throughout the books will make you so proud of her, of how far she's come.
The plot and story are not ones I've read before, the romance is so tense (!) and the characters, the world... well, just wow. you should really read these books. ASAP.
The series is still on-going but the first 5 books conclude the story and are just AMAZING (sorry, had to say it again). The other books are a continuation I have yet to read.
Read it (: 

Well then. And I think this concludes the 'book I'll definitely re-read' post.
I had great time writing it. I hope you'll have great time reading it as well (:
I just have to say: this is not a list of my favorite books. Granted, all of these books are favorites of mine c(onsidering I want to read them again) but I have many (many) more books in my favorite list that I love as much as these books. Just because I won't be re-reading them doesn't mean I don't love them. It's just means they are not the re-read material type for me.  
I'm sure there will me many more books I'll want to add to this list in the future.

See you in my next post! 

"I don't trust you," Simon said, grasping Basil's forearm.                                    "Well, I don't trust you," Basil spat at him. Actually spat at him, bits of wet landing on Simon's cheeks.                                                                               "Why do you need to trust me?" Simon asked. "I'm the one hanging off a cliff!"    -- Fangirl (Simon & Baz)

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  1. Wow, Zoey. Loved your re-read list, even though it made me a little guilty ;) I still haven't read the Mortal Instruments. I started the year with the Fever series and the world building is amazing. I didn't like Mac much but Barrons was something else.